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PUZZINGO Space Puzzles Games for Kids & Toddlers

A space puzzle game that`s guaranteed to entertain and educate your child for hours! Do your kids like puzzles? How about rockets, space, aliens, ...

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A space puzzle game that’s guaranteed to entertain and educate your child for hours! Do your kids like puzzles? How about rockets, space, aliens, and the stars? How about a puzzle that is fun, interactive, animated, and educational? See what others have to say about PUZZINGO Products: - “This game gets two A+s!! One from me, and one from my 3yr old!!” - A Customer - “I work with special needs preschool children and they always ask for the Puzzy Game” - An Educator The Space Puzzle Pack contains a couple hundred pieces that cover many aspects of space and space exploration: astronaut, solar system, constellations, space shuttle, space station, and much more. As children play the games, they learn what are the parts that made up the space shuttle, they learn the names of stars in the solar system, and they are entertained the entire time by funny sounds and great animations. Better yet, when they finish a puzzle, they will be rewarded to a variety mini-games that reinforces concepts in the game - how about flying that space shuttle that the child had just completed? Or, playing around with that gravity switch to see what happens? PUZZINGO Space is the next installment of the highly popular PUZZINGO Puzzles. Just like the original, PUZZINGO Space is a professionally designed puzzle game designed for young children. Unlike other kids apps, PUZZINGO is 100% professionally beautifully illustrated. We also use professional voice actors rather than machine generated speech to teach your kids names of the different objects in the puzzle. NOTE: This PUZZINGO Space Puzzle Pack contains the same content as the In-App-Billing Space Expansion Pack within the free “PUZZINGO Kid’s Puzzle”. - "Not only do they enjoy playing but their speech is improving by mimicking it! I love it too!" - Customer - “Puzzlicious” - Customer Delight your children and encourage them to touch and explore everything in the 100% animated puzzles. - Everything on the puzzles makes a relevant, funny sound - Shake the gift boxes to find the puzzle pieces - Fly the Space Shuttle - Interact with the aliens - Pop all the balloons and pop some more!! - And, much more! _________________ CONTACT US: If you run into issues with the app on your device, instead of leaving a review, please email us at support@77sparx.com. We are not able to respond to reviews, but we will be happy to help you if you email us. _________________ As parents ourselves, 77SPARX Studio takes children's wellness and privacy very seriously. Our apps: - Do not contain ads - Do not contain integration with social networks - Do include a link to other quality 77SPARX apps


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