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Transport over 9000 classic paintings directly into your hand with Painting Portal. Painting Portal is a great resource for the art lover, art student ...

Discontinued App


Transport over 9000 classic paintings directly into your hand with Painting Portal. Painting Portal is a great resource for the art lover, art student or teacher, and those who enjoy browsing and learning. Easily and quickly locate paintings with the simple yet powerful catalog search, or let Painting Portal display random images to delight and surprise you. Art students and teachers will especially appreciate the pinch and expand functions to enlarge and pinpoint a specific detail of a painting to study technique. Because these are truly high-resolution images, you can zoom in on small details with little or no loss of clarity. Painting Portal’s clean interface lets you focus attention on the paintings, without distraction, and it is easy and quick to navigate. From the home screen, you can view a slideshow of random images; bookmark paintings of interest to you; save images to your photo album; and bring up a gallery listing of painters and categories, where with just one more tap you can view a slideshow of your selected gallery. You can pause timed slide shows, move back and forth within them manually, and restart timed viewing at any time. A single tap brings you to the catalog search screen. Here you can search by painter name (hundreds of painters!), country and date range (in 100-year and 25-year groupings), and by title or any portion of title. You can retrieve a single painting, or a group of paintings. For example, enter England in the 1700's and Painting Portal instantly offers those paintings. Now you can select one for viewing, or start a slide show of all of them. Another single tap brings you to an online search of the current painter and painting, without leaving Painting Portal. Choose your own resource material from the web, and seamlessly return to your viewing when you're done. And there are games! Painting Portal displays a painting and asks you to identify the painter, painting name, country, and century of the painting. You choose your answers from multiple choice lists. Set the image to appear instantly or reveal over time. Play with or without a timer. At the completion of each round, Painting Portal displays the correct answers, and shows you what you got right and what you missed. Keeping score is optional, but a running score is available for the more competitive among us. Does your special someone complain your iPad makes you ignore him or her? Here's a solution! The game can be played by two players simultaneously. Each player has his or her own independent controls. It's a great way to enjoy the app and be sociable at the same time. Painting Portal is your deluxe ticket to the images of the Yorck Project on Wikimedia Commons, a collection of high-resolution public domain images. Now you can navigate and display paintings from this huge collection with ease. Search by painter name, country, date, or title. Use your Internet connection to use all the features of the app, and save images in your photo gallery, if you like, for offline viewing.


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Version: 1.0

Size: 2.17 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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