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Panda Chinese 6

Panda Chinese 6 is the sixth app of Panda Chinese series. "还在为学中文发愁吗?" “在海外学习中文最权威,使ç
最广çš„教材--暨南大学中文教材来到appstore ...

Discontinued App


Panda Chinese 6 is the sixth app of Panda Chinese series. "还在为学中文发愁吗?" “在海外学习中文最权威,使ç
最广çš„教材--暨南大学中文教材来到appstore 了!” 熊猫中文iPad app 是对《中文》教材çš„深度,ç‟动çš„解释,辅导。 Panda Chinese series are the most complete Chinese learning app. In Panda Chinese, we utilize every means possible to make Chinese learning both entertaining and educational. We have made 12 apps (Panda Chinese 1 - 12) for every level of Chinese learners. In each app, the first and second lesson are free. If you feel the app is good for your learning, you can purchase the rest of lessons. Panda Chinese has the most complete video library of Chinese characters, with over 2,600 characters in 12 books. Users can learn to write Chinese stroke by stroke. Panda Chinese have videos to explain the Chinese texts. The teacher in the video will explain the every detail of Chinese words and cultures. Panda Chinese has a vast recording of Chinese text books. You can follow to read aloud, sentence by sentence. You can also share your recording in your twitter account, if you will. Panda Chinese supports the homework assignments. You can monitor the completion percentage of each task. You can also test the language skills in each lesson. In addition to the language learning, we have put efforts to introduce Chinese cultures. In each lesson, we have hand picked three Youtube videos, ranging from Chinese pop song, geography,history to Chinese food. So do enjoy them. Panda Chinese also includes three stories for each lesson. While listening to the Chinese stories, you can enjoy high quality pictures of Chinese scenery. 熊猫中文第六册 暨南大学的《中文》是中华人民共和国国务院侨务办公室å§â€æ‰˜æš¨å—大学华文学院专门ç¼–写的中文教材。作 为一部广受海外华侨,华人子弟,学习中文çš„外国友人们深受欢迎和好评çš„教材,暨南大学的《中文》迄 今发行了560万册,是海外人士学习中文çš„最好选择。 今天,panda education邀请到专业汉语教学人士以这套教材为基础,精心ç¼–排,讲解,和配备大量有 趣çš„语言学习素材,制作了这套汉语学习çš„精品APP --- 熊猫中文。 对åºâ€Ã¤ºŽæš¨å—大学《中文》教材çš„12册课本,熊猫中文也有直接对åºâ€Ã§š„第一到第十二册app。ç‱于其一一对 åºâ€å…³Ã§³»Ã¯¼Œæžå¤§æ–¹Ã¤¾¿Ã¤º†æš¨å—大学《中文》çš„学习者。他们可以根据目前çš„在学的《暨南大学-中文》çš„册数 ,购买对åºâ€Ã§š„熊猫中文çš„册数。 熊猫中文是最全面çš„iPad中文学ä¹ app。在每册课本对åºâ€Ã§š„APP里,我们努力为每一个学习水平çš„中文学 习者提供最好çš„教学资料。每一册çš„第一和第二课是免费çš„。试ç
完头两课,如果您觉得有帮助,可以购 买剩余çš„课程。 (1) 课文讲解 : 每篇课文都有ç‟动有趣çš„视频讲解ï¼› (2) 课文: 每篇课文,可以逐字逐句地朗读,跟读,和听ï¼› (3) 词语: 大量的中文词语,单字解释,朗读,听写训练ï¼› (4) ç‟字: 最全çš„汉字按ç¬â€Ã§â€»Ã§š„书写库,共有2600多个汉字的ç¬â€Ã§â€»æ•™å­¦Ã¯¼› (5) 故事: 每一课还附带着3个小故事,家长们可以ç
来在晚上或者平时给孩子们听故事。 (6) 文化: 为了帮助学习者更好地理解中国文化,每一课我们精选了3个关于中国文化,历史,戏曲, 儿歌ç­‰Youtube 视频。 熊猫中文提供了很多灵活有趣çš„教学形式,既能协助家长们做中文学习çš„家庭教师,又能是中文学校辅助 学习çš„强大工具。 熊猫中文不但能极大地提高大家学习中文çš„效率,更是一款活泼,有趣,让孩子们高兴çš„ipadåºâ€Ã§â€¨Ã£€‚


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