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Paradise of Insects HD

Daughter: ‘ how beautiful! Mommy, what is it? Where does it come from?` Mommy: ‘Uh....` (being speechless for knowing nothing about ...

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Daughter: ‘ how beautiful! Mommy, what is it? Where does it come from?’ Mommy: ‘Uh....’ (being speechless for knowing nothing about the insect) Do you often encounter such kind of embarrassing situation for you have a faint grasp of the basic concepts of entomology so that you cannot feed babies’ curiosity for the spectacular world of insects. Fortunately, with the great scientific App--Paradise of Insects, your baby can become an insect expert hopefully! Now, let’s try our best to build a wonderful insect paradise for our cute insect friends. Babies can learn about the insects from their birth to adulthood in the ways of feeding them and playing with them. There are a lot of the insect babies who are waiting for you to adopt, such as the little bee, the little ant and the little caterpillar. And babies can know their names by clicking on the subtitles. Is it very educational! Once insect babies are grown up, babies can welcome them living in your magical insects paradise, where consists of the cave, honeycomb, trees, flowers... Each insect can find its own home here. (PS: Turn off the light, and there is a surprise waiting for you! ) Come on! Just Download Paradise of Insects , and then your babies and you can enjoy a better learning environment and develop the awareness about the spectacular world of insects! Features: 12 unique and cute insects.(actually, there are 24, why? Just take a brain storm!); Warm game environment and brisk music; Interactive and educational learning progress; Perfectly designed for kids; Create visual effects that will impress peers and parents alike; Save the image to the App's photo library. ___________ â–¶design concepts: We focus on inspiration, not just learning. We focus on capacity-building, rather than a single cognition. We focus on entertaining, rather than spoon-feeding teaching. Take the baby bus, which is loaded with a happy childhood! ___________ â–¶The series introduction: Baby Bus is the first brand in early childhood educational software (field of mobile Internet), which is developed specifically for preschoolers, and includes two series which are the Age(1-3) and the Age(3-6). The series of the Age(3-6) combines the main concepts of early childhood education for 3-6 year-old babies and covers the Cognition Pavilion, Brain Training, Art Center and other relevant categories, the applications of Age(3-6) are aimed at the development of the comprehensive cognitive abilities of the baby’s pedia, music, art, and the analytical thinking capabilities of the left and right brain. Tips: In the search bar, enter "Baby Bus" or " sinyee", to find all of our products. ___________ â–¶Welcome to contact us on: E-mail: ser@baby-bus.com Website: http://www.baby-bus.com


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