As featured on SpikeTV's "Bar Rescue," Partender is a subscription-based business tool that lets you to quickly and accurately: - Do full bar inventory ...

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As featured on SpikeTV's "Bar Rescue," Partender is a subscription-based business tool that lets you to quickly and accurately: - Do full bar inventory on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and even on the web (we do food too!) - Place and receive your orders - Get your Usage (for Variance) - Get your Cost of Goods Sold (for Bev Cost %) - See what’s trending in your venue ...all in just 15 minutes. Besides saving time and labor, our customers reduce their Beverage Costs by 4-8% in under 90 days of weekly use. Here’s what some of them had to say: "Inventory takes less than 15 minutes now. It used to take 2 hours with 3 people counting, for a total of 6 labor hours." - Grant S. at Boston Pizza “It takes us just 15 minutes to do inventory, which we do at least twice a week. We stopped running out of things, and thanks to Partender, we managed to get beverage costs down to 20% in a matter of months." - Mike W. at Marriott How? Why? Because when you count your inventory as accurately and as frequently as you count the cash in your register, less of it disappears. And the average shrinkage in our industry is 23%. So when your inventory is 10-50x more valuable than your cash register, it makes sense to count it as carefully as the till, but that's been impossible until Partender. So throw out your paper-and-pen and do inventory in minutes, not hours. See what's selling the best/worst, what's dead stock (and needs to get phased out via Happy Hour), and what's about to run out (so you don't miss a sale). Stop manually typing your inventory into Excel or a web-based spreadsheet. Let Partender crunch your venue's numbers and automatically generate a Purchase Order (sorted by your Distributors) after each session. With Partender, you can: - Split up the work of inventory across an unlimited # of devices - Get your venue's Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) instantly for Beverage Cost - Track Purchases and convert them into Digital Invoices - Monitor Actual Usage and Real-Time Customer Insights on a Brand-by-Brand or Product Type-basis - See your inventory's Wholesale Value, broken down by Product and Alcohol Types (like a "Balance Sheet") - Optimize your par levels (based on online graphs) to buy more of what's selling the best/less of what's selling the worst - Determine how many dollars your venue is losing to shrinkage* ("Variance") via POS & our Usage / Variance Report online *Shrinkage is the loss of inventory due to over-pouring, theft, breakage, spillage, not tracking comps, etc. And there's an average 23% shrinkage in the industry which causes 60-80% of bars and restaurants to fail within 3 years. HOW DOES IT WORK? In Partender's app, you to build a virtual blueprint of your venue on your smartphone or tablet. Instead of manually writing down your inventory using an arbitrary 10-point scale, cumbersome scales, or expensive hardware, simply tap where the liquor level is on the real image of the bottle. And swipe to the next bottle on your shelf. That's it! Our proprietary algorithms are up to 99.2% accurate so you know down to the drop & dollar-value how much each bottle is worth in Retail & Wholesale Dollars ($). INVENTORY ANYTHING: In addition to liquor, you can inventory beer, wine, smallwares, kegs, and FOOD! Our database is huge. If there's something on your shelf that's not in our database: take a picture of it, and our proprietary algorithms will do the rest. ANALYTICS IN THE CLOUD: All of your venue's reports are stored online. Just log into your web dashboard to see beautiful graphs & trends of what your customers are drinking in real-time. Compare different products and see what should be swapped out for better margins. Do you have bottles collecting dust while taking up valuable shelf space? Is your happy hour moving product and making profit? Can you order more often and still carry less inventory? Partender gets you to Just-in-Time Inventory with an ROI in under 3 months when you're using it weekly.


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Version: 1.7.5

Size: 10.5 MB


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Developed by Partender, LLC

Day of release: 2013-11-10

Recommended age: 17+

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