This app is an instrument to improve the quality of communication between all concerned with childbirth on every level. The app is free for professionals ...

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This app is an instrument to improve the quality of communication between all concerned with childbirth on every level. The app is free for professionals such ob/gyns, midwives, residents or general practitioners who conduct deliveries. They can register in the app as professional. Parents to be pay to activate the app via in-app purchase or by obtaining a gift voucher. The consumer version of this app contains: • a contraction timer • interactive use of the partogram according to the Proactive Support of Labor (PSOL) approach. • extensive explanation of PSOL and a vocabulary • the possibility to annotate every event during labor with pictures and personal comments. • the possibility to publish the partogram with pictures and comments on Facebook at any given time • the possibility to export the partogram after the birth of the baby as a PDF file to print as a cherished keepsake for the baby album • the possiblity to exchange data from the partogram with others via email. Note: This app is no substitute for professional care. The app follows progress of labor from the first contraction till the birth of the baby. The app has a contractiontimer and a partogram. A partogram is the visual record of labor progress in time. This app is developed in cooperation with Paul Reuwer, gynaecologist and Simone Valk, midwife, based on the concept of Proactive Support of Labor (PSOL). This firmly evidence based concept garantuees birth of the baby within 12 hours after the diagnosis 'In Partu' has been confirmed. For more information go to This app is meant for use by women who are in labor between 37 and 42 weeks pregnancy, having a singleton in a vertex presentation. The goal is to help women prepare themselves for a safe spontaneous delivery while the the chances of instrumental birth are reduced to the minimum. The caregiver will confirm the diagnosis 'In Partu'. After that the progress of dilatation and possible corrective interventions can be recorded in the partogram by adding 'events'. After every event the app advises the time for the next check and if neccesary an intervention. These suggestions for support and interventions are based on the PSOL concept. Each and every component of PSOL is firmly evidence based and can be applied by any caregiver in every situation. The communication with the caregiver will be more clear and structured because it is possible to ask the relevant questions and make clear arrangements for labor during pregnancy. The communication between the client and caregivers will improve and meaningful cooperation between all concerned becomes self-evident and parents and baby will benefit from this. A spontaneous and safe birth within a maximum time frame of 12 hours will become the attractive option. The pregnant couple is well advised during prenancy to ask their caregivers if they are familiar with the concept of PSOL and stick to it. The principles of PSOL are summarised simply in 3 words: Support, Monitor and, if necessary, Adjust. When these issues are raised in time women have the possiblity to compare caregivers and unpleasant surprises during labor will be avoided. A good caregiver knows what he or she stands for and will be able to explain it effortlessly. Ultimately a better match between client and caregiver will be the result of the use of this app.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 2.69 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Apparent Apps B.V.

Day of release: 2012-05-24

Recommended age: 17+

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