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"Forgetting all my password and personal info is NO LONGER A PROBLEM!" My smartphone is always with me and so is the secure PasswordCaptain app" ***** ...

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"Forgetting all my password and personal info is NO LONGER A PROBLEM!" My smartphone is always with me and so is the secure PasswordCaptain app" ***** user - mobilesandbox (MobileSandbox.com) Forget Personal Login Data? PasswordCaptain Doesn't •No more writing passwords on stick-e notes (paper), losing them, and wondering if someone has your password. •Manage your passwords, security data, credit-card data, login passwords, and more! •17 useful input record templates to choose from to organize your data. •Save yourself the frustration and give yourself a break with quick, secure, and accessible wherever you are features. •If your smartphone is with you then so is your personal login data! •Back up your data using the traditional iTunes sync. Lose your phone and recover. •Free on the Apple App Store! ***** Government Grade Security Protection •Your data is protected with Gov approved and used AES 256 bit security software. •Shake device to invoke immediate lock feature. •Be sure to set your auto-lock feature. •So safe, PasswordCaptain does not save the password in the software! •Your 'PasswordCaptain Master Passcode' is never logged - never transferred over networks. •Only you can unlock your data. Only you know the code so remember it and don't lose it. •U.S. Department of Commerce registered. •Free on the Apple App Store! ***** Templates and Management •Users of this app enjoy a simple, intuitive, and quick access flow of views. •Pre-Formatted Templates for Convenience at your Fingertips! •Choose from Credit Card Templates, Prescriptions, Web Logons, Insurance Record, Bank Settings, Social Security, Frequent Flyer Points, and more! •Delete, manage, and add single or complete data sets. •Free on the Apple App Store! ***** Shoot It Off (UNIQUE FEATURE): •E-mail Feature allows for backing up precious data •Transfer content to clients! •Send all your content at once! •Remember … once emailed it is outside the security features of the PasswordCaptain database. •Free on the Apple App Store! ***** Upgrade and Get : •Convenient automatic Search features to quickly access your information, absolutely no tags needed! (Search actual passwords, partial text, or other data fields to assist with quick access) •More Entries •No Ads! •In-App Purchase with your iTunes Account (Recommend by many) Staff is always available at comments@passwordcaptain.com . Be sure to visit this products dedicated web site at www.PasswordCaptain.com for upcoming features and other important info.


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Version: 1.1.0

Size: 9.93 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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