Discontinued App


★★★★★ Free! ★★★★★ Also available: PatternMusic MXXIV for iPad Create compelling, original music on your iPhone® or iPod touch® with PatternMusic®. PatternMusic ...

Discontinued App


★★★★★ Free! ★★★★★ Also available: PatternMusic MXXIV for iPad Create compelling, original music on your iPhone® or iPod touch® with PatternMusic®. PatternMusic was designed to inspire creativity, learning and experimentation in music enthusiasts and experts alike. PatternMusic is three music tools in one: • Create songs intuitively using layered instrument patterns. • Play an interactive polyphonic musical instrument with over 50 different voices. • Jam along with your iPod® Music Library without leaving the app. •••••• "PatternMusic is like a beatbox for melodies." "I've been using PatternMusic to write a song every day!" "I'm a musician, but I've never been able to figure this stuff out before. This is amazing! Who knew?" •••••• - comments from app testers What's inside PatternMusic: • The Stage - Intuitively mix and arrange your songs by moving instrument icons. - Effortlessly add, duplicate and delete instruments. • Multi-Touch™ Pattern Editor - Easily create unique looping note patterns. - Editor zoom - because not everyone has the same size fingers. - Up to 64 notes per pattern via the scrolling timeline. - Scroll through a 4 octave range for each instrument. - Solo mode - focus on a single part of your composition. - Dynamics for individual notes. • Voices - 50 instrument voices to choose from. - Change voices at any time. - A full drum kit and percussion set. • Built-in Help and Tutorials - A complete Help system is accessible throughout the app. - Access built-in and on-line Video Tutorials without leaving the app. • Instrument and Song Settings - Tempo (including "tap tempo" for interactive tempo matching). - Time Signature - Scales - work within a mode and avoid "wrong" notes. (more than 40 scales available) - Note length configurable from 1/16 note triplets to dotted whole notes. - Looping control - infinite or counted. - Configurable instrument start point. - Swing - create shuffle effects. - Transpose - up or down up to two octaves (an 8 octave total range). • Song Management - Auto-save - PatternMusic automatically saves your songs when you quit or when you are interrupted by a phone call, and it automatically restores your last session when you return. - Manage your songs including song duplicate, rename and delete. • Play along with your iPod Music - iPod Music Library access and control without leaving the app. • Small app download - you'll be creating music in no time. •••••• Visit www.PatternMusic.com for - Information, - Demo videos, - Tutorial lessons, - and answers to all your questions. •••••• PatternMusic is a U.S. registered trademark of Richard Lawler Copyright Richard Lawler.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 9.26 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Richard Lawler

Day of release: 2009-11-10

Recommended age: 4+

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