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Pay Dirt

*** AS SEEN ON NEWSWATCH, ION TELEVISION AND THE HISTORY CHANNEL *** “There are over 113 different artifacts to uncover throughout Pay Dirt, so trust ...

Discontinued App


*** AS SEEN ON NEWSWATCH, ION TELEVISION AND THE HISTORY CHANNEL *** “There are over 113 different artifacts to uncover throughout Pay Dirt, so trust me, you won’t get bored. It’s definitely a fun and educational game that I highly recommend, especially for iPad users.” - Andrew Tropeano, Newswatch “Featuring an exciting, Latin-influenced soundtrack, Pay Dirt is a really interesting game for fans of history, archaeology or Latin-American culture.” - (8.5) Tapscape Crystal skulls, Mayan calendars, and so much more await to be uncovered below the surface of this ancient civilization. *** WELCOME TO PAY DIRT: TREASURES OF CHICHEN ITZA! *** Work your way through 20 amazing, iconic locations at the world famous site of Chichen Itza and search for some of the most valuable treasures of this lost civilization. Your ability to build a million dollar collection will be challenged only by your ability to skillfully extract artifacts in perfect condition. Join Miguel, your faithful guide as he takes you through the culturally rich grounds of this long lost city. Uncover countless valuable relics for your private gallery and perhaps gain a glimpse of its rich historical heritage. *** Features *** - Skillfully excavate ancient Mayan artifacts from the famed Chichen Itza archaeology site. - Experience the beauty of the most iconic Mayan locations, enhanced with rich environmental effects such as rain and wildlife. - Collect and review your valuable treasures, with detailed 3D rotatable and zoom-able artifacts, in your own private gallery. - Enjoy the crazy Sifter minigame as you shake, shake, shake your device to discover even more hidden treasures for big time coins. - Turn a little bit of hot air into bonus coins with our incredibly fun Cleaning minigame. Blow into the microphone to dust off an old relic to earn numerous coins. - Immerse yourself in the rich and relaxing sounds of a Latin guitar soundtrack along with the tranquil sounds of a jungle full of crickets and frogs, or a passing thunder storm. - Over 120 different items throughout the game to discover including bones, skulls, weapons, Mayan art, rocks, junk, and more. - Along with a brush, select one of four different tools to uncover your treasure. A pick, a shovel, a hammer, or the archeologist best friend… the trowel. - Numerous informative facts about the various locations within Chichen Itza, the culture of the Maya, myths around the 2012 doomsday prophecies, and much more. - Experience the game in English or Spanish language. - Beautiful graphics highlighted with Retina Display support! - Tool, Time and Restore Boosters to power up, slow the clock and repair your artifacts.


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Version: 1.61

Size: 135.36 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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