Payroll Guru calculates paychecks with net pay amount and applicable taxes from gross wages. =============== New in version 3: =============== Added ...

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Payroll Guru calculates paychecks with net pay amount and applicable taxes from gross wages. =============== New in version 3: =============== Added total of 8 deductions to be used as post-tax and pre-tax deductions with different taxation criteria (i.e. to exclude deduction amount from Federal, State, FICA or Local taxable amounts). Will handle 401K and other pre-tax deductions. =============== Salary and Hourly calculation of paycheck are available. ----------------------------------------- Important Note: For Salary calculation just enter Gross Pay Amount in the appropriate field, do not enter anything else. For Hourly calculation please enter rate and hours (OT, DT) and the Gross Pay amount will be automatically calculated! ----------------------------------------- Also, Payroll Guru app allows you to save the entered profile for each employee or a for a group of similarly taxed employees. You can save unlimited number of profiles that include state, marital status, pay period, allowances and deductions information. You can enter up to 8 deductions, which could be pre-tax and after-tax deductions. You can set them to a fixed amount or a % of gross pay, and you name deductions as you need. These deductions can differ from one profile to another. The deductions can be modified for different taxing scenarios. For example for 401K deduction - select pretax and turn ON Federal and State switches to exclude it from being taxed on federal and state levels. Once you enter all information and iclude year-to-date gross paid wages, Payroll Guru will calculate the net paycheck amount and will show you the appropraite taxes. Payroll Guru calculates the following taxes: - Federal WIthholding, - Social Security, - Medicare, - State Withholding, - State Unemployment (where applicable), - State Disability Insurance (where applicable). Calculated paychecks can be viewed as a pie chart distribution. Paycheck details can be emailed to an employee, employer or a payroll service provider. This app will be useful for any employer in the US to calculate paychecks and also verify accuracy of issued paychecks. It will also help an employee in planning future spending and comparing effects of changes in number of claimed allowances and filing statuses on net take home amount. Employees can also use Payroll Guru app to compare net paycheck amounts (after tax) in different states. This will be useful for employees considering job or relocation to a different state. For small business owners and payroll service providers Payrollguru will help estimate net and gross paycheck amounts in a particular payroll situation, and will provide pretty accurate assessment of applicable payroll taxes. Payrollguru app calculates payroll taxes for all 50 states and District of Columbia. If you have improvement suggestions or would like to report a problem please email us directly at We also would appreciate your positive feedback. Thank you for using Payroll Guru app!


Technical specifications

Version: 3.0

Size: 1 MB


Price: 4,71 €

Developed by Payrollguru, Inc.

Day of release: 2011-05-2

Recommended age: 4+

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