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========================= PAYSELF Register (iPad, iPhone Universal) ========================= This application is for the merchants (restaurants). You ...

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========================= PAYSELF Register (iPad, iPhone Universal) ========================= This application is for the merchants (restaurants). You can receive orders and payments from Payself wallet application by this app. (At Food & Drink category) Your customers can order and pay instantly with Payself wallet app. And you can see what happen on your order online and give them a feedback instantly. You can configure your own menu at the Payself website (www.Payselfmobile.com) and give them to your customers right in your restaurant and even out of your restaurant. Start your restaurant to broadcast menus online. It's easy to set up and start just with your fingertips. * Supported restaurant type 1. Sit-down Restaurant 2. Fast Food or Cafe restaurant * Supported features 1. Order 2. Payment 3. Order + Payment 4. Order, Kitchen, Receipt Printing 5. Handling takeout order =================================== Payself Wallet Application features =================================== * Order Browse menu of restaurant you visit on your phone and can order menu right at the table you sit. You don't have to order for your friends, each can order what they like, when they want individually. * Payment Don't waste your time waiting for your check. Do save your time by paying with your phone, while keeping your wallet safe in your pocket. * Split Bill No more bothering your waiter with multiple credit cards, easily split the bill yourselves. No more "I owe you" and "You owe me"


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Version: 2.5

Size: 8.71 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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