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PRICES SLASHED! All in-app purchases reduced by 50% to $1.99. Guitar players scour the internet in search of information and practice tools that will ...

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PRICES SLASHED! All in-app purchases reduced by 50% to $1.99. Guitar players scour the internet in search of information and practice tools that will help them improve their skills on the guitar. The internet is overloaded with a massive hodgepodge of information about scales, music theory, the CAGED system, chords, and the modes. It is next to impossible to distill this avalanche of information down into something that is useful and practical for the everyday player. Peak Guitar is an iPad app that is designed to help the advancing guitarist achieve a big-picture understanding of the neck of the guitar and the scale patterns that cover it. It features easy-to-read scale diagrams that provide a simple system for mapping out the neck of the guitar in any key and any mode. Most importantly, Peak Guitar brings it all together by providing the guitarist with backing tracks--musical loops that were created by professional musicians that allow the guitarist to practice scales and modes in an authentic-sounding live musical context. This allows the player to learn how these concepts actually sound in action. Peak Guitar has been getting great response to the high quality of it's play-along tracks, which feature bass, drums, rhythm guitar, and various keyboards, in recorded loops created by a professional, working musician with hundreds of live shows under his belt. If you connect your iPad to a stereo, you'll be blown away--it's like you have a full band right there in your living room. Many of the tracks even feature dynamic swells to build your phrases around, giving you the true feeling of playing live with a full band. The app is free to download, and comes with some sample content to get you started and give you an idea of how it works. Much more content is available through inexpensive in-app purchases of song bundles that cover all keys and modes in a variety of different musical genres. Available song bundles include intensive studies of individual modes, classic-rock inspired jams, and bundles inspired by the music of the Grateful Dead and Phish. Peak Guitar is designed for guitar players of all ability levels (except for absolute beginners) and all musical genres who want to improve their skills and reach the next level of performance. Any guitar player who is interested in learning about scales and improvisation will enjoy Peak Guitar and reap huge benefits from it.


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