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Pearl River

"If any place symbolizes China's reform era, it is Shenzhen, a city conceived from Deng's imagination" - New York Time (Dec.19,2008) 

The book shows ...

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"If any place symbolizes China's reform era, it is Shenzhen, a city conceived from Deng's imagination" - New York Time (Dec.19,2008) 

The book shows how Chinese people started to awake when confronted with any national crisis, how they took the path of socialism in exploration for national salvation, how the country achieved the historic breakthrough of reform and opening to outside world in the critical period of building socialism, how the socialist marketing economic system was established and how it put forth the scientific development approach to building China into a prosperous, democratic, civilized and harmonious modern socialist power country in the new historical period. 

This book, in a panoramic view, has traced the long journey of great-power dream and unremitting exploration for Chinese nation in past over 100 years. 

Karl Marx once argued,"History is nothing but the activity of men in pursuit of their ends." This book is with large quantity of ink on the achievements and destiny of those historical figures while focusing on the background of occurrence, the track of development and the intensity of the influence of the historical events. 

Dedicated to China's economic growth, challenge and opening to the world, Feetan is honored to introduce this book to App Store with the authorization from the original publisher, China Intercontinental Press, the best press offering China related English books. 
(Want to know more about China's economic growth? Just search Stories of Innovation, Shanghai Pudong Miracle and China Emerging in App store.) Features: * Automatically Mark your Reading Progress * Six Bookmarks Capacity * full pagination,like the original printed editions * each title includes page numbers * Table of Contents incorporates one click navigation. * remember your reading progress * Swipe to turn the page. * add bookmark progress For instruction on the app, Please view info. Support If you have any technical problems please email us at SUPPORT@FEETAN.COM before you post a review.


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