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Peds PALS Dosage Scanner

Peds PALS Dosage Scanner is the only app that measures the child and provides the child's weight, pediatric resuscitation doses, defibrillation, and equipment ...

Discontinued App


Peds PALS Dosage Scanner is the only app that measures the child and provides the child's weight, pediatric resuscitation doses, defibrillation, and equipment sizes - even if the weight of the child is unknown. The child's weight is usually NOT known in emergencies, and you can't weigh an unconscious or pulseless child. You can stop guessing the child's weight during emergencies. Do not make the fatal mistake of guessing dosages based on the child's age. Any app that is based on weight will be useless in an emergency when the child's weight is not known. Peds PALS Dosage Scanner automatically gives the correct drug dosage, defibrillation dose, and equipment sizes. Use the AHA PALS algorithms to guide each step in the resuscitation. Peds PALS Dosage Scanner is like having the Broselow tape on your iPhone/iPad. Use Peds PALS Dosage Scanner for resuscitation, rapid sequence intubation, overdose, seizures, increased intracranial pressure, bolus fluids, and maintenance fluids. Instantly find the normal vital signs and ventilator settings by age, weight, and length. Instantly determine the correct endotracheal tube, ET length, suction catheter size, oral airway, nasopharyngeal airway, laryngeal mask airway, urinary catheter, NG tube, IV catheter, and intraosseous catheter. All the information you need is at your fingertips on a single screen, with a single tap. 

 Features include:

 - Length-based initial ventilator settings - Normal vital signs for age, weight, and length. - Cardiovascular support. - Croup - Asthma management - New PALS AHA algorithms - Pediatric emergency drugs and indications
 - Prescription dosing and standardized dose-check 
- Calculates dose in mL automatically.

- ET Tube Size
 - Laryngoscope Blade Size 
- Oxygen Mask, NPA, BVM, LMA, NG Sizes - Chest Tube, Foley, BP Cuff, Suction Cath Sizes 
 - Central Line and Peripheral IV Sizes - Fluid and Blood Resuscitation Volume - RSI Medications - Sedation Maintenance Medications - Cardiac/PALS Medications - Hypoglycemia - Acute Pain Medications 
 - Seizure Medications - Burn percentage and treatment calculator
 - PALS flowcharts
 - Designed for physicians, nurses, EMS providers, PAs, and others caring for children in an emergency or intensive care setting CONTENT YOU CAN TRUST

 All the content is peer-reviewed and was developed by leading authorities in acute pediatric care. Visual estimation of pediatric weight is highly unreliable (Harris, 1999). Epinephrine doses calculated by a visual estimation of a child’s weight resulted in a calculated dose that was 10 times higher than the recommended dose for about 10% of the children (Vilke, 2001). Calculating weight based on the child’s age usually results in a 33% underestimation (Black, 2002; Luten et al., 1992). When the child’s eight is unknown, the American Heart Association recommends that healthcare providers use a measuring device with precalculated doses. In a Journal of Emergency Medicine study, he weight range using the a tape was determined correctly by all participants, with 95% correctly reporting the correct dose of epinephrine (Vike, 2001). Peds Dose Tape Calculator uses the latest height and weight measurements from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).


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