Peekaboo Forest

Explore beautiful forest scenes looking for signs of life. If you see something moving, tap on it to find out who it is! This fun, interactive, and educational ...

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Explore beautiful forest scenes looking for signs of life. If you see something moving, tap on it to find out who it is! This fun, interactive, and educational game includes Charley Harper’s distinctive drawing style and was inspired by his love of nature and symmetry. With this universal version, the beloved Peekaboo series comes to the iPad too. Play it in English or Spanish. * It's a great way to teach toddlers the words for different creatures and the sounds they make. * Constructed around the passing of seasons, the narrative features animals emerging from the bush and hiding in the dark of night, delighting toddlers with its roster of real animal sounds and interactive technology. Touch the vividly illustrated forest scenes to see charming animations, learn the names of animals, and hear the real sounds these creatures make in the wild. Younger children will love playing peekaboo with animals, as they learn about cause and effect and familiarize themselves with the names and sounds of animals. Older children can try to guess the animals by clues, work on spelling, and can start to learn about the seasons and the interconnected web of life that is a living forest. Adults will love the graphic, mid-century-modern illustrations by Charley Harper. This is not a videogame or a TV show; it’s an interactive storybook with exceptionally fine art. When you could really use a safe distraction—in airports, restaurants, and waiting rooms—or you’d like to try something new with your budding little genius, Peekaboo Forest is a great alternative to other media options. It’s educational, handheld, ad-free, and affordable. The app now has a new record your own voice feature. Parents, children, and visiting relatives and friends can capture their own voices and star in Peekaboo Forest! You can record the animal names in your native language—or grandma’s voice, or grandpa’s—and, if you’re recording a new language, you can save the appropriate written version too, and both will show up the next time you play. (Please note, we can only support the writing systems that are supported by your device.) Peekaboo Forest was designed with preschool age children in mind by the award-winning team of educational media developers at Night & Day Studios, creators of Eric Carle's: My Very First App. It is the third entry in the toddler app series that began with Peekaboo Barn and Peekaboo Wild. If you are a fan of the Peekaboo series also check out Peekaboo Fridge, Peekaboo People starring Richard Scarry's Busytown and our seasonal apps that are fun year-round, Peekaboo Trick or Treat and Peekaboo Presents. Please email to be added to our mailing list. If you have any problems with the app, please email us at and we’ll respond with speedy solutions. Visit us on Facebook ( or Twitter (@nightdaystudios) to find out about our newest releases. Your privacy is important to us! For details on our privacy policy visit: It has been a thrill to work with the Charley Harper Art Studio for this new twist on the Peekaboo series. The graphics, sound effects, and narration are all presented at the highest quality. The illustrations were rendered for all iOS 4 devices including the iPad and the iPhone 4’s Retina display. Let us know what you think! Night & Day Studios is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families. Recommended Ages: 1-3 Categories: Art, Early Learning, Letters, Time, Reading, Environment, Foreign Language, Games, Special Needs


Technical specifications

Version: 1.5.0

Size: 55.38 MB


Price: 1,99 €

Developed by Night & Day Studios, Inc.

Day of release: 2010-12-18

Recommended age: 4+

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