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Peekaboo Peekaboo, Who is it?

★SALE 50% Now★ The First Book in the “Mother book” series! ★Peek-a-boo, who is it?★ Funny guessing game with various animals. Peek-a-boo, see who is hiding. ★Dadam's ...

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★SALE 50% Now★ The First Book in the “Mother book” series! ★Peek-a-boo, who is it?★ Funny guessing game with various animals. Peek-a-boo, see who is hiding. ★Dadam's infant education program Based on the multiple intelligence theory - “Mother book” Human intelligence consists of eight areas, and we can develop infants' balanced intelligence which is not one-sided by stimulating their all eight areas equally.  Based on the multiple intelligence theory, Dadam's infant education program contains many enjoyable contents such as Mother book, Playing art, Science, Horme, KKobagi, Funny phonics English, Playing math, GABE, and Chinese character.  ★ Educational & Enjoyable Reading Program of "Mother book" 1. Mother book series is the enjoyable reading program which can not only help to form life-time reading habits but also make your children like reading books by experiencing various materials. 2. According to the characteristics by age in infants' development, we can help your children to taste various themes and genres of fairy tales. Further, your children's communication skills such as reading, listening, writing and speaking can be integrated through this Mother book series.  ★Feature★ - Professional Narration - Movie mode, Book Mode - Educational Game – Puzzle, Sticker & Drawing ★ Kids App Book solution of Y Factory "iLeoBooks v1.0" Y Factory creates children's Book & Education applications. These devices are increasing in popularity as both an educational tool and entertainment toy for young children. We hope to make a positive influence on this trend by creating apps that kids will not only enjoy and but also learn from. We'd like our products to help the young generation build qualities: a love for learning and a curiosity about the world. We made in May 2012 our the first Kids appBook solution "iLeoBooks v1.0", and we're excited to develop and launch many exciting Kids Story in the future! If you are interested in app book publishing please do not hesitate to contact us. E-mail : ileobooks@yfactorysoft.com


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