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Peekaboo Pets

~~~ The Cutest Peekaboo Game on the App-Store ~~~
 ~~~ Selected as New & Noteworthy! Top selling education app! ~~~ ~~~ 30+ adorable lovable animals ...

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~~~ The Cutest Peekaboo Game on the App-Store ~~~
 ~~~ Selected as New & Noteworthy! Top selling education app! ~~~ ~~~ 30+ adorable lovable animals inside ~~~ Adorable cute animals are hiding in their homes. Press the button correctly and your beautiful pet will pop-up. A perfect virtual toy for toddlers, babies and children of young ages. Guaranteed to keep your your kids entertained its easy to use, self explanatory and activity rich. Whats inside: > 30+ adorable animal > Realistic animal sounds > Learn animals names and spelling > Slide finger to change animals > Full vertical and horizontal support > Hi quality images and sounds ~ Parents Note ~ While your children are enjoying the animal illustrations, animations & sounds they are practicing gentle motor skills which are so important for them. This is an educational experience that combines a fun and simple game play with the benefits of motor skill improvement and growth. Each animal comes with its own unique and challenging button control. Did you know? Due to the immaturity of the human nervous system at the time of birth, children grow continually throughout their childhood years. Many factors contribute to the ability and the rate that children develop their motor skills. Repetition is an important concept in motor learning. New motor skills can be reinforced through practice in order to become stronger, more fluid, and more coordinated. With enough practice, these movements become automatic and require no thought on behalf of the individual to execute. The most common examples are walking, crawling, and turning. -NO SOUND? If the sound isn't working, make sure the mute switch is turned off, activate the application, then turn up the volume and the sound will work. (you can find the mute switch and volume button at the side of your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch). By downloading this application you agree to the Terms of Use of Kids Best Place. which are available to your review on http://kidsbestplace.com/terms-of-use/


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Version: 2.1

Size: 9.97 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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