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Peg is for everyone! Why? Keep reading to find out. Ever experienced one of the following problems when using your smartphone or tablet? - you have ...

Discontinued App


Peg is for everyone! Why? Keep reading to find out. Ever experienced one of the following problems when using your smartphone or tablet? - you have five bars on your device but it takes forever to download a webpage - you watch an online movie or video and it keeps getting stuck - you are at a coffee shop and your data connection does not work. You are wondering if everyone has the same problem - you search for a location on the map and the map does not display or displays only partially - you place a call and it does not go through - you click to download an email attachment and nothing seems to happen - you have something important to do and would like to know at which coffee shop or location in the airport you are likely to get a good data connection. No worries. You are not alone! That is why we created Peg: to enable you, and everyone else, to get a better experience with the performance of the broadband communications services and applications that you use (video streaming, web browsing, social networks, etc.), wherever and whenever you use them, independently of the smart device, network technology or network provider that you use. We believe that smooth access to high-speed broadband services improves all areas of life. We also believe that everyone deserves a better experience with service performance. Peg allows you to “see” what everyone’s experience is, in real-time, and where to go to get a better experience with service performance on 3G, 4G/LTE and WiFi networks. This is what we call PegMap, an up-to-date, interactive map of the real, collective experience at every location. Peg also provides you with the ability to rate, in just a few seconds, your own experience with service performance at a certain location and instantaneously submits your rating anonymously so we can keep PegMap up-to-date, which ultimately benefits you and everyone else. We have a bold vision: to create PegMap for the entire World, maintain it up-to-date, and make it freely available to anyone! We believe that this will benefit both the users and the providers of broadband networks, services and applications and ultimately will improve everyone’s life, which increasingly depends on the ability to access such broadband services and applications. PegMap gives users the insight they need to make decisions that maximize their experience. PegMap displays to everyone, providers in particular, unquestionable feedback from real users. This gives providers the visibility they have been lacking into the real satisfaction of their users and also provides an increased sense of urgency and ability for the providers to address the real problems with their networks, services, or applications. We hope you will enjoy Peg and PegMap!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.4

Size: 7.14 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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