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Unlock the secrets to dealing with difficult people with PeopleKey. Minimize stress in business and personal relationships with a simple and effective ...

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Unlock the secrets to dealing with difficult people with PeopleKey. Minimize stress in business and personal relationships with a simple and effective tool to help you deal with more than 100 different difficult behaviors. PeopleKey acts as a communication reference guide for experienced managers and team leaders, as well as a comprehensive learning companion for new managers and business students. The key to working with difficult people is dealing appropriately with their troubling behaviors. After all, they rarely look for ways to improve their own bad behavior. Six bold icons help you quickly identify an appropriate general category. Upon selection, related behaviors are listed to further pinpoint the correct problem. The guide then provides suggestions and appropriate language to resolve the difficult situation. In addition, it offers possible reasons for the behavior, so that you can find ways to avoid it or minimize the negative impacts in the future. Finally, it identifies potential problems that could arise if the behavior isn’t addressed, helping you to understand the cost of not taking action. PeopleKey may be especially helpful in preparing individuals to move into management roles or begin working on teams. It may also help increase productivity. Features • Helps the user identify the difficult behavior. • Lists definitions of more than 100 common difficult behaviors. • Describes various reasons why each behavior may occur. • Outlines potential negative outcomes resulting from each behavior. • Offers comprehensive ideas for solving each problem. • Provides simple examples of what to say and what not to say when facing difficult people. • Provides a method for suggesting additional behaviors or recommending improvements. Conflict arises in all aspects of our daily lives. PeopleKey can help a variety of individuals including: • Managers and peers who need to work together to best meet company objectives • Nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals who must work effectively with their patients and each other • Service representatives who want to minimize conflict with customers • Spouses who don’t see eye to eye • Project managers who have difficulty getting all team members on task • Neighbors who want to minimize strife • Parents who are looking for alternatives to approaching their older children • Little league coaches who are faced with overzealous parents • Teachers and administrators who must harmonize with students and each other. • People attending family gatherings who want to enjoy their relatives • … and countless other combinations If you want to minimize conflict and anxiety in your everyday interactions with others, PeopleKey will be a key to your success.


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