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You can use PeopleRead.Me to find, read and share e-books between friends, groups of interest or hobby, in classroom or in family. PeopleRead.Me is a ...

Discontinued App


You can use PeopleRead.Me to find, read and share e-books between friends, groups of interest or hobby, in classroom or in family. PeopleRead.Me is a social reading club system. You can invite friends or associates to your book club and all of you can add and share new books in the club. You can borrow or buy books from other clubs or users. So, book clubs are great place for sharing and organizing your books. It is real place for sharing emotions, thoughts and opinions about your book exploits. As private book locker, it converts, stores and gives you access to your e-book shelves from any device – smartphone, tablet or traditional PC or Mac or Kindle. New 2.0 version has new clean interface with smart presentation of book clubs and minimalistic book reader. Extended features list: Finding and sharing books •Add book club, add books and invite friends – all of you can share books and comments in one place. •Friends can add books and invite their friends to the book club – it is common ground now. •There are also private book clubs – where you are the king. •Also, use book clubs to organize your library. Just add book club with meaningful name and only you as a member. •Private book clubs are great to hide books also – only members can see them. New interface •2.0 interface uses scrollable strips with book covers – you can see all clubs, and scroll all books on the same page. •New familiar menu simplifies access to clubs and features from any place in app. •Minimalistic reader gets rid of all unnecessary options. Reading rules here. Self-publishing authors and small publishers •Self-publishing features – any user with can sell his books and documents. Please, see web site. Smart buying and legal sharing •Group of friends in a club can buy books together and share the cost. •You can usually read 50% of a book, before you pay for it. •You can share bought books in book club with friends and book co-enthusiasts. Personal book shelf •You can convert, store and read office documents and e-books from cloud account. •You upload books through web site. You can find, read, share, borrow, organise clubs and comment on mobile app. •PDF, MS Word and MS PowerPoint documents, TXT & RTF text files, all e-book formats like LIT, FB2, ePub, MOBI, PRC end more… are supported and converted for mobile reading. •Kindle or any other ePub compatible e-paper reader can read docs and books downloaded from PeopleRead.Me web site. Shared picture comments and illustrations •You can add pictures, illustrations and comments to pages of book. All is shared with all other readers of the book. •You can snap pictures with phone’s camera directly from PRM Reader and add them as shared pic-comments or illustrations. •And Your comments and reading preferences can be shared on Facebook.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.06

Size: 5.17 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by PeopleRead.Me

Day of release: 2012-05-10

Recommended age: 12+

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