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**Please kindly rate this application** Like us on facebook : Follow us on Twitter: Find our apps at : You can pinch zoom and select each element to view their properties. Swipe with two fingers to view next element details, in details screen. Touch drag on individual element to view Quick details. The periodic table is a tabular display of the chemical elements, organized on the basis of their properties. Elements are presented in increasing atomic number. The main body of the table is a 18 × 7 grid, with gaps included in to keep elements with similar properties together, such as the halogens and the noble gases. These gaps form four distinct rectangular areas or blocks. The f-block is not included in the main table, but rather is usually floated below, as an inline f-block would make the table impractically wide. The periodic table accurately predicts the properties of various elements and the relations between properties. As a result, it provides a useful framework for analyzing chemical behavior, and is widely used in chemistry and other sciences. any suggesions please mail us at :


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