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PA University App Description The new way of learning for the future is in your hands now. Discover a world of wonder and beauty as you learn the important ...

Discontinued App


PA University App Description The new way of learning for the future is in your hands now. Discover a world of wonder and beauty as you learn the important aspects of a happy life. New and marvelous material that top motivated people from around the world want to know. Study online courses like never before. Be enthused to open this app and use it in high tech fashion. All designed to be informative and profitable in your learning environment. Receive lesson materials, PDFs, Keynotes, PowerPoints, lesson related images, and informative videos all in one app. Personal Agenda University is an online university program designed to help people improve their quality of life and happiness. Through the LifeStylesâ„¢ program, learn valuable lessons in four key areas of life; namely, LifeHappyâ„¢ - personal sovereignty and political freedom; LifeSupportâ„¢ - financial freedom; LifeForceâ„¢ - diet, exercise, health and physical freedom; LifeWiseâ„¢ - emotional, spiritual freedom and relationships. In addition, own the greatest collection of important freedom historical documents ever assembled for a handheld device - search, annotate, bookmark and even highlight words! PA University App includes over 200 of the most influential freedom historical documents, stored directly on your iPad for study and use at any time. Quickly and easily find any text from any document with the fastest and most powerful search engine available on the iPad. Have documents automatically scroll in both portrait and landscape modes while reading. Create notes for each paragraph which can be displayed inline. Assign book markers to any paragraph in any document for future reference. Highlight important words or phrases using the absolute best highlight system available. Exclusive Features for online lesson study and lesson plans * Ability to email any text document, along with all your inline notes and colored highlights * Split-pane Views - view two things at once * Optional display of Library View popup, hide or show as desired * Bookmark Folders * Multi-Lesson Paragraph Bookmarks * Fast Grid Views * TrueTabs (up to 40 Tabs) * Real-time search engine * Advanced Lesson Search Options * Favorite Documents * AirPrint support for text library * Instant font-size adjustment * Quick Scroller * Dual-mode Auto-Scrolling fixed or tilting * Amazing Highlighting Colors * Highlight with Bold, Italic, and Underline * Custom Cross-References * Incredible content for learning and understanding * Customize All Colors (Not limited to themes) * Custom image library loaded with theme related material Find out more about Personal Agenda at: www.personalagenda.com


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Version: 4.26

Size: 53.29 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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