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*** 40% OFF TIME LIMITED *** * Website: * E-mail support (if you need help, contact by e-mail): * User Manual: Do you want to gain control of your finances in a simple and straight forward way? Personal Finances was developed to provide the user with an easy to understand graphical representation of the user's finances. Features: Cash flows - Filter by start date, end date and account (optional) - Unlimited cash flows - Registration of category, date, payee, amount and description - Multi-currency - Automatic assignment of a negative sign for expenditure categories - Totals by expenses, incomes and balance - Bank reconciliation Analysis - Filter by start date, end date and account (optional) - Categories - Total monthly and grand total - Detailed category - Graphical comparison of changes between months - Expenditures against incomes - Graphical display of the weight that the expenses have cons incomes - Balance - Balance in a period of time for the account or general - Total expenditures and incomes - Evolution in time of total expenditures and incomes - Total expenditures by payee - Comparison pie chart of expenditures by payee Accounts - Unlimited accounts - Initial balance - Transfers between accounts - History transfers accounts Categories - Categories prebuilt in the selected language - Ability to manage own categories - Ability to manage maximum budget and periodicity Budget - With periodicity - With target Compatibility - All densities and resolutions - Suport for tablets - Synchronization between different mobile devices, desktop edition and web edition Synchronization - Use of secure protocol (https) - Accounts - Categories - Currencies - Cash flows - Settings for importing files from banks Usability - Supports gestures for different actions - Language (English, Portuguese - Portugal, Portuguese - Brazil, Spanish, French, Chinese) - Main currency (any format with a minimum opening balance and limit) - Multi-currencies - Date (all formats supported) - Parameters (change the behavior of the software to your taste) - Customize the app, by extension modules chosen by the user Interoperability - Importing data bank with mechanism allocation of the categories - Backup and restore support for external storage - Export to spreadsheet (csv) - Export web page (html)


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Version: 4.3

Size: 26.74 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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