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Notice: This app is using Geo location. If you search for a Vet, Animal shelter or wildlife rescue which is not online, this application won't be able ...

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Notice: This app is using Geo location. If you search for a Vet, Animal shelter or wildlife rescue which is not online, this application won't be able to find it. What do you do if your dog is in an accident and you are far from your family vet? What do you do if you find and injured or stray dog, cat or wildlife? Who do you call? Where do you go? The vet designed Pet-Rescue provides you, the pet owner, with both a comprehensive first aid guide and a GPS locator highlighting your nearest vet, animal shelter, animal rescue facility or wildlife carer. With the Pet-Rescue App you have the tools immediately deal with most emergency situations, then locate the nearest vet, animal shelter or animal rescue organisation using GSP in your phone. You are then provided with a phone number and directions to navigate quickly to your destination of choice. Features: Vet Locator function: The App pin-points your exact location using the inbuilt GPS system then locates and displays all surrounding vet clinics, including the distance to your normal vet as well as 24 hour emergency vet centres. This ensures that when time is critical you won’t need to waste time ringing around or hunting down a vet. Lost Animals function: It’s Saturday afternoon and you find a pet roaming near a busy road. Who do you call? What help is available? This function locates your position and lists local animal shelters and rescue groups (eg. RSPCA). You can then take the animal straight to the shelter or group or call someone to come out. Wildlife: In the same manner as the lost animal function, you can locate and contact local carers for any kind of wildlife. My Vet: This function allows you to save your own vet’s details for easy reference and quick directions and contact details in case of emergency. First Aid “Do’s and Don’ts”: This function assists you to help animals in emergency situations. What happens if you see a dog hit by a car, or you cat gets bitten by a snake? What if your cat licks up car coolant that has just been drained? What if your dog gets stung by a bee? Do you know how to bandage and stop a leg from bleeding? All these scenarios are common and real when owning pets. How you deal with them prior to going to a vet can have a huge impact on the outcome. The Pet Rescue First Aid Guide will prepare you for most emergency situations. Be prepared and always have your Pet Rescue App handy!


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