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Phitty Memo Game HD

Try the amazing Phitty Memo Game, this educational game will bring your young ones hours of fun! With amazing graphics, intuitive game play and upbeat ...

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Try the amazing Phitty Memo Game, this educational game will bring your young ones hours of fun! With amazing graphics, intuitive game play and upbeat music and sounds, players will be engaged in this game for hours! For the little ones or grown ups, in single or multiplayer mode, Phitty’s Memo Game will put the players’ memory to test in a truly fun learning experience! Match the hidden pieces and improve your hand-eye coordination. From toddler level to advanced players, this game offers a number of different challenges that will keep them coming back over and over again - even children with reduced attention span! ...LEARN AS YOU PLAY While playing, young ones will be learning sounds and shapes by association. When a pair is matched, the player will hear the sound of the letter or word and associate it to the corresponding meaning. Players can choose from four different categories - letters, animals, fruits and shapes - or select a random mode. ...GRAPHICS AND ANIMATIONS We worked hard to deliver some incredible graphics and extremely smooth animations. From the overall background appearance to the smallest detail, our designers took that extra step to create a great looking educational game. ...EXTRA FUN GAME PLAY Phitty’s Memo Game is just pure fun! Simply enjoy the game while you test your memory skills! You and your young ones will be playing for hours. And guess what… it will help them develop hand-eye coordination as they play! ...MULTIPLAYER Going back to the tabletop gaming spirit, we carefully developed a multiplayer approach. We made sure that up to 4 players could sit around the iPad or iPhone and share the fun in a fast paced game! Watch as they have some laughs while trying to keep up with each other. When a player fails, the pieces will shuffle themselves and the next will immediately take over in a fun and engaging process… better than tabletop games! ...MUSIC, SOUNDS AND VOICES We have chosen every sound, voice and music with extreme care. We want the player to love the sound as they will love the graphics and game play. ...MOTIVATION Keep children entertained with our Motivation Drivers Approach: through graphics, music, sounds, score system and playability, we aim to have the child motivated, evolving better and faster! ...DIFFICULTY LEVELS We included 4 difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard and… super-duper-hard! The difficulty resides in the number of pieces displayed. We also added an optional “Crazy Mode” to each level: the hidden pieces will constantly shuffle themselves, posing an even harder challenge! ...SUITED TO ALL AGES Phitty Memo Match was designed to suit all ages, from 2 year-olds to grandparents! Considering the younger ones, the game also allows the player to define if they want the pieces to be facing up or down - by keeping them facing up, parents ensure extra easy playability and game introduction for toddlers. ...SCORE SYSTEM Evolve through the game with a score system based on performance. Take advantage of the random bonus for extra points - simply find the pieces matching the image shown in the bonus timer. Earn stars with your performance and try to beat the score to win the high score stamp! FEATURES: - Intuitive icon-based selection menu - Set the players’ names - Score board: matches, taps, score and time - Game options: play again, previous game or following game - Choose the color of the pieces - Mute sound and/or music for silent play - Parent and kid tested


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Version: 1.0

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