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Photo Shack HD

Photo Shack HD is a unique iPad photo management app that allows you to build a customized view of your iPad Photos Library without having to duplicate ...

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Photo Shack HD is a unique iPad photo management app that allows you to build a customized view of your iPad Photos Library without having to duplicate a single photo or video. Rather than requiring you to load your photos and videos into a private app storage space, Photo Shack HD uses the photos and videos already in your iPad Photos Library. This not only saves space by not having to duplicate photos and videos just so you can organize them, but also keeps all of your photos and videos accessible to all of your other iPad apps. This was afterall the intent of the iPad Photos Library, to be a central photo and video repository for all of your iPad apps. And Photo Shack HD works hand-in-hand within this core aspect of the iPad iOS architecture. This sets Photo Shack HD apart from all other iPad photo management apps. Photo Shack HD embodies some very comprehensive functionality for managing your photos. These robust features have come from years of serving the professional and enthusiast photographer community, and listening to their valuable insights and suggestions. Here's a sample of what Photo Shack HD can do: Key Features · Never duplicates a single photo or video, even when including them in multiple albums at once. · Auto-Import your existing iPad Photos Library, including your custom albums, "All Imported", and "Camera Roll". · Create your own libraries, sub-libraries, and albums in any organization you want. · Provides a "Portfolio Mode" locking feature to prevent changes to or navigation outside current library. · Search by Date, Comment, Title, Filename, Rating, Location, Country, and Keywords: · Search for multiple keywords at once, ANDing, ORing, or ALLing keywords together. · Search Ratings Equal-To, Greater-Than, or Less-Than a specified rating. · Search for Equal-to or Not-Equal-To. · Automatically create albums from your search results. · Optionally automatically assign Filenames, Titles, Comments, and Ratings from each photo's IPTC metadata upon import. · Sort automatically by Date, Comment, Title, Filename, Rating, Location, Country, or Keywords, or manually using drag-&-drop. · Cut, Copy, and Paste photos and videos within and between albums. · Display photos and videos using small thumbnails, large thumbnails, preview, and full screen. · Display Filenames, Titles, or Date in large thumbnail views. · Zoom full screen photos up to 16M pixel resolutions. · Rotate, Pan, and Zoom photos, temporarily or persistently. · View and/or change complete photo information (filename, title, etc.) and view EXIF metadata. · View and/or change geographical GPS location where your photos were taken. · High-Quality slideshows with 8 different transition options. · Supports AirPlay mirroring. · Supports VGA Full-Screen Mirroring on iPad1 and iPad2. · Share photos and photo albums to: · iTunes Share Directory via iTunes File Sharing. · Back to the iPad Photos Library for all of your other apps to reference and use. · "Open In" functionality to other 3rd-party apps, such as "DropBox". · eMail one or more photos at a time. · AirPrint to an AirPrint compatible printer. · Copy to the iPad's global Clipboard, to be pasted into another app. · Batch modify photo information, including filenames, titles, star ratings, etc. · Choose photos for album covers. · Play background music during slideshows. · SmartCrop optimizes crop to current iPad orientation. · PhotoStudio custom effects editor for applying permanent crops, photo masks, and chromatic effects. · Customizable background and album border colors. · Integrated "Getting Started Guide". · Top rated customer support on the App Store. Photo Shack HD works with your existing iPad's Photos Library. In order for Photo Shack HD to access this library, you must enable Location Services for Photo Shack HD. Please email us or visit our blog if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.


Technical specifications

Version: 7.03

Size: 18.48 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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