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Photo Sketch 2

** You can make great Art !! ** ** And Share it with All users ** Photo Sketch 2 is the unique drawing tool integrated with iPad camera. You can see ...

Discontinued App


** You can make great Art !! ** ** And Share it with All users ** Photo Sketch 2 is the unique drawing tool integrated with iPad camera. You can see processed sketch image in REAL-TIME and adjust effect filter. Then takes picture at the very moment you like. Taken sketch picture can be used for background image. You draw artwork on it. Even if you are not good at drawing. Photo Sketch 2 helps you to draw beautiful art !. It's just like coloring book. Very easy and fun to draw anything you like. Canvas provide advanced drawing features. Drawing feature itself outperforms most of drawing tools in iPad. It presents highly sophisticate image. and extremely fast ! Photo Sketch 2 packed with 27 beautiful brushes just like real paint brushes. It include several Chinese brushes for beautiful handwriting. Manipulating canvas is also easy. Standard multi-touch zooming, panning, pinching is supported. Pictures can be clipped as you like. When you push save button. It saves zoomed area. Camera shows real-time processed image. You don't need to wait to see processed image. Artwork can be shared with friends through Photo Album or email. * Requirement 1. iPad 2,3,4,mini 2. iOS 6 required 3. Highly Optimized for iPad Retina Display * Features 1. Advanced Canvas for drawing artwork - Beautiful Handwriting brushes - 'SMUDGE' support, mix colors with finger - Extremely fast - 27 default paint brushes (6 categories) - Easy to use. It's just like childhood coloring book - Layer supports. show and hide layers - Zooming, Panning, Pinching supported - Scratch Pad for test selected brush, color - Undo, Redo supported - Clip images by zoomed area and also preserve original artwork - After drawing background image can be removed - Support maximum resolution your device provide 2. Real-time image processing camera - Preview real-time video with camera - Video is processed with selected effect filter - Processed video presented in real-time (30 fps) - Main filter is 'Sketch' which generate sketch image like charcoal drawing - 7 effect filter supported - Take picture at the very moment you like 3. Organized Gallery - All pictures and artworks gathered in unified gallery - Import from Camera Roll - Apply several filter effect to imported photo. You can modify already taken photo - Gallery present artworks with intuitive user interface - Select picture and edit it - Share it with your friends through Photo Album ,email, facebook 4. MUSEUM - Share Artwork with All Photo Sketch 2 users - You can see uploaded arts from other artists - Upload your arts into MUSEUM. All Photo Sketch 2 users around world can see it - Enter MUSEUM : gallery -> Click "MUSEUM" icon at right top corner - Upload : gallery -> select art -> click share button -> click "Upload to MUSEUM" button - Visit Blog "http://photosketch2.tumblr.com" see uploaded arts - SUBMITTED ART CAN BE DELETE WITHOUT NOTICE - SUBMITTED ART NOT GUARANTEED TO BE ARCHIVED - PLEASE DON'T UPLOAD SEXUAL OR IMPROPER IMAGES


Technical specifications

Version: 2.2.0

Size: 44.7 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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