This app will give you better control over your photographs. If you have, say, a DSLR with a set of lenses, teleconverters, and extension tubes, PhotoCompute ...

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This app will give you better control over your photographs. If you have, say, a DSLR with a set of lenses, teleconverters, and extension tubes, PhotoCompute will help make full use of your equipment. It excels in helping set up pictures in manual mode, and with difficult flash photography (macro, fill flash, multiple flash units, etc.). PhotoCompute was designed with field use in mind, simple but powerful, with a logical and easy to use interface. To start, input your camera equipment once, then allow the system to compute options and parameters for a combination of equipment that you select. You can define "groups" of equipment, as many as you want, with as much equipment you want in each group. If you use your camera's meter to obtain an exposure, PhotoCompute will help compute alternate exposures along with DOF, magnification, hyperfocal distance, etc., giving you full control and understanding of the final photograph. Want to take a picture of a butterfly? Input the butterfly's size (field width), and get a list of your computer equipment that will work. Want to use flash? Turn "on" one or more flash units in the Exposure settings, and adjust power settings or flash distances to find an appropriate fStop. Then take the picture! PhotoCompute helps take the guesswork out of manual photography, allowing greater creativity and success in taking higher quality pictures. The app's entire design is from the photographer's perspective: Screen states are saved from a prior session. Photographic equipment and built-in parameters never need to be re-entered. Controls and outputs are readily available, and inputs (fStop, distances, etc.) can be either by sliders or text fields. Metric/English entries can be mixed, and converting from one measurement system to the other is by the press of a button. System inputs (sliders and manual entry): - Selection of camera body, lens, teleconverters, and/or extension tubes (permanently stored in a user-entered database) - FStop, focal length, distance to subject - Sequence of teleconverter/extension tube combination: i.e., teleconverter attached to body or between extension tubes and lens - Pupil ratio (generic slider, if activated) Outputs: - DOF, focal range, hyperfocal distance, magnification - Focal field width, height, diagonal, angles from camera - Camera-lens distance, lens-subject distance - Optimal and effective fStops - Blur diameters from subject, forward and behind Basic functions: - Calculates all parameters (DOF, etc.) from any combination of camera body, lens, and potentially multiple teleconverters, extension tubes, and flash units. - Calculates fStop from a correct exposure setting, allowing ISO and exposure times to vary. - Calculates fStop from one or more flash units, with potentially different distances, power settings. A "Solver" provides more complex functions, including: - Lists all combinations of equipment that will give a requested field width and optionally a depth of field value or range. - Lists flash units and settings that meet criteria for fill flash, given a correct background exposure and subject distance. - Calculates the number of full stops between two fStops, or calculates a new fStop given a starting fStop plus or minus a number of full stops. - Calculates lens distances and corresponding magnifications given a camera-subject distance and focal length (i.e., a lens equation calculator/solver). DOF+ calculator: This "enhanced" DOF calculator will handle any combination of fStop, focal length, subject distance, and depth of field, but it doesn't only solve for DOF: It solves for any one of these quantities given the other three. This means that DOF can be an input into finding, say, an appropriate fStop given a subject distance and focal length. The calculator operates from a selected CoC, and optionally can make the calculations with different pupil ratios.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.5

Size: 3.49 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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