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PhotoPrompt is a database program that supports uploaded photographs. It`s primary purpose is to provide a visual means of searching through ...

Discontinued App


PhotoPrompt is a database program that supports uploaded photographs. It’s primary purpose is to provide a visual means of searching through personnel photos in order to identify people quickly in a business environment. The current construct of the program is designed for a local healthcare system in Norfolk, Virginia. Only users applying with an active email account ending in EVMS.edu or CHKD.org will be considered for access to pre-constructed folders. The “My Folders” portion of the application allows a user to create personal folders and subfolders and then save photos with associated attribute information (collectively referred to as a photo bundle, or PB). The PB information is kept on the local iPad and is not viewable by other users of the program or PhotoPrompt administration. A Wi-Fi connection is not required to utilize this portion of the application. The “My Folders” portion of the application is organized by folders. When a folder is created, standard attributes attached to the folder include “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Email”, and “Miscellaneous”. Additional attributes may be assigned and the order of the attributes may be changed. After a folder has been saved, it may be edited by double-tapping the folder. An “Update Folder” window will appear that allows the user to modify the folder name, delete the folder, select a parent folder, add/remove attributes, and change the order of attributes. All attributes can be removed except for “First Name” and “Last Name”. If the attributes of a folder are removed after a photo bundle has been created, then the information associated with the removed attribute will be lost from that photo bundle. Once a folder has been created, PBs may be created. A user starts by selecting the picture icon at the top of the thumbnail view area. A photo display area in the top left corner allows for a picture to be inserted by 1) taking a picture with the iPad 2) selecting a picture from the iPad Camera Roll or 3) utilizing an image from the Photo Stream if the iPad is connected to the user’s iCloud space. The attribute options listed will be those consistent with the structure of folder that the PB is being created within. The “Gallery” portion of the application allows for users to request access to pre-constructed folders containing collections of PBs. The folder access may be individually granted to the users depending on their position and needs. Access to these collections will be limited by confirmation of a registered e-mail address within the healthcare system. The PBs contained within any selected folder, both within “My Folders” and “Gallery”, are represented by a thumbnail and the contents of the first listed attribute is displayed directly under the thumbnail. Thumbnail collections may be scanned through by swiping up or down within the thumbnail view area. To see a full view of the photo in the PB along with all listed attributes, the user taps on the specific thumbnail. The registered user’s username is listed in the right upper corner of the application. In a drop down menu from that location, the user is able to: rate the program (Rate Us), review and change the basic registration information (My Account), review the Terms and Conditions (Information), contact PhotoPrompt administration (Contact Us), or exit the application (Log Out).


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.3

Size: 15.83 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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