Discontinued App


PhotoReview The premier photography examination and analysis application for iOS. This application requires Location Services to be on and to be enabled ...

Discontinued App


PhotoReview The premier photography examination and analysis application for iOS. This application requires Location Services to be on and to be enabled for the App. Without location services being enabled for the app the iOS Photo Library appears blank. See Below. Please help by e-mailing ideas and feedback for ideas to improve the app's workflow. I'm a photographer too and am using the app and I'm working to improve it for my workflow and would like to make it as versatile as possible. High Level Features Key Features: ▪ Histogram - 5 different histograms Multi-color RGB, Luminance, Red, Green and Blue. With the histogram a general understanding of the image's exposure can be attained. ▪ Metadata - With images that include metadata a group of formatted metadata elements can be viewed. The metadata list can be filtered and ordered based on user preferences. The raw unformatted metadata may also be viewed, that includes all data values provided by the camera. ▪ GPS Map - For images that include GPS data, a map can be selected that displays the location where the image was taken. ▪ Metadata Label - The shooting summary of the image, including the ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Exposure Compensation, Focal Length, Focal Length for 35 mm equivalent and White Balance (as available). These elements may be selected based on user preferences. ▪ Takes Snapshots - Take images directly in the app and store them in the project. This feature is only available for iPhone and iPod Touch devices with a camera. ▪ Projects - Projects enable users to import images into their own user created libraries. ▪ Layouts (iPad Only) - In addition to single image viewing, projects on the iPad may also display a grid of images called a layout. Each layout can display between 2 and 16 images with metadata labels for each images available. Each project may have multiple layouts each with a selection of any of the images that are in the project. ▪ Project Import Options: Import from the device’s Photo Library or using iTunes File Sharing. ▪ Photo connection kit (iPad Only) - using the Apple Camera Connection Kit, images imported into the iPad's Photo Library can be imported into PhotoReview including both Raw and JPeg. Location Services Requirements: Without location services enabled the application is unable to access or view the iOS Photo Library. This is due to the Apple API requirements for accessing photos and GPS information. Using the iPad Settings App, ensure the Location Services is turned on and it is enabled for PhotoReview. If this does not work you can "Reset Location Warnings" in the Reset option also in the Settings App (General, Reset, Reset Location Warnings). This will reset all warnings, for all apps that use the Location Services. You should also be running iOS version 4.1 or later. Please e-mail Odeon Software if you have any issues. Also you can import photos using the iTunes File sharing feature see the help for details.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3.02

Size: 1.62 MB


Price: 1,79 €

Developed by Odeon Software Inc.

Day of release: 2011-03-8

Recommended age: 4+

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