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Feeling uninspired? Has the quality of your photography stayed the same for too long? Are you longing to improve your photography but don't know how? ...

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Feeling uninspired? Has the quality of your photography stayed the same for too long? Are you longing to improve your photography but don't know how? Photography Wisdom can help you overcome all these and more. Whatever your experience in photography, Photography Wisdom will help you to make your images better by giving you new tools, insights and ways of thinking about your photography. Fifty great chapters and extensive illustrations guide you through a process of loosening up, being more creative and taking better photos. Wayne J. Cosshall, renowned author and educator about photography, brings his 35+ years of photography experience to you in a fun, thought provoking book as an app that challenges you to take better photos. Topics covered include: • Composition and Exposure • Test Your Own Gear • The Numbers Have Meaning • Use What You Have • Intuition and Intellect • Restrict Yourself • Comfort Zone • Reconsideration Is Good • Plan, Then Shoot • Understand/Break the Rules • Print More and Differently • Experiment Widely • Shoot More and Differently • Work a Scene to the Max • Every Image Has a Story • Work With Many Levels • Bodies of Work • Developing a Style • Expressing Yourself • Strong Emotion Is Powerful Sample chapters are available on the supporting website. Photography Wisdom is out as both a printed book and as this app for iPad. The tips come from the author's 35+ years of photography experience, from his passions of landscape, macro, collage and infrared photography to portraits, weddings, product shots and the odd bit of fashion. They also draw from his varied other interests and activities: helping people overcome creative blocks, teaching photography, art and computers at all levels of adult education, a passion for science, philosophy, spirituality and history, and much more. He finds it constantly amazing that interests in one area will often yield insights in a completely different field. Photography Wisdom is designed to be used in many ways. You can read it through sequentially, dive into it at random or go find the specific tip relevant to whatever you are dealing with at the time. The app maintains the chapter structure of the book but adds a direct link Table of Contents. It contains its own brightness control that can darken the display much more than the normal Brightness setting does. This makes reading in bed with the lights out much easier and less disturbing to your partner. The app is profusely illustrated with great photography by Wayne, Adriana and Lauren Cosshall. We took the opportunity an app offers to present one group of images as a slideshow and will add various other interactive elements as we revise the app. We welcome suggestions for improvements, corrections and more. The great benefit of an app over a book is that we can treat it as a living document, improving and expanding it as feedback about the use of the app comes in. The iPad also allows us to show the images in great detail and brightness compared to the print form. The user interface is easy to use. The app works equally well in landscape or portrait orientations. Left and right swipe gestures are used to move from page to page and longer pages scroll nicely with a push. A toolbar at the top of every page gives you immediate access to the Table of Contents to quickly jump to the topic you want. Buttons allow you to increase and decrease the size of the writing to accommodate all readers' needs. A brightness control allows you to dim the main display so much that you can easily read in any level of darkness. How to Use and About pages explain the use and origins of the material and provide quick links to our website pages to request support or get more information.


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Developed by TechnoMagickal Pty Ltd ITF Sci-Art Trust

Day of release: 2010-10-30

Recommended age: 12+

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