"PhraseIt" is a great application to add the idioms, expressions or phrasal verbs you will need when dealing with different languages or culture. "Phrase ...

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"PhraseIt" is a great application to add the idioms, expressions or phrasal verbs you will need when dealing with different languages or culture. "Phrase it" allows language students, travelers, speakers, missionaries and anthropologist to capture those phrases, idioms and phrasal verbs they want to learn and use in another language. For those expressions that may be difficult to remember or understand, you can record samples of situations of when/how they are used so you can better relate to them. Are you traveling abroad and want to have a handy and easy tool with the translated expressions you will most likely use during your travel? "To the airport, please!", "How much is it?", "How far am I from ...". "PhraseIt" allows you to organize the expressions into different categories and create your own. By place, by situation, anything that make sense to you goes! During your travel, you hear some interesting idioms you want to record from a native speaker so you can practice later? You can do it with "PhraseIt"! Are you going to a remote location where there is a local dialect that even online translators don't recognize? Now you can download "PhraseIt" and store any expression in your native language and record a local person speaking. FEATURES: * Store a new phrase, idiom, or phrasal verb to your phone, add multiple meanings to it in different languages and review it whenever you want. * Organize phrases into custom categories according to your needs * Record pronunciation for each expression * You can play back to listen wherever you want without internet connection * Mark any phrases as "Favorite" to have quick access to them through the Favorites category * Publish your phrases or idioms on your facebook wall and share them with your friends * Delete your meanings, phrases or even full categories when no longer needed * No limitation on categories or amount of meanings. * 70+ phrases in several categories: Learn how to say "It is a pleasure to meet you!" in German, French, Spanish, Italian. * 60+ Costa Rican idioms, 50+ American idioms, and 20+ English phrasal verbs are pre loaded * You can add as many meanings as you want and record each single meaning into your iphone. * No Internet connection is necessary. (only for posting on Facebook) * Landscape mode only. * Compatible with iPhone 4, 4s and 5. **iOS 5.1 or later is required. If you are communicating with people in different languages and want a handy tool with the phrases you've learned to avoid getting lost in conversation, PhraseIt is what you need! Wether you are studying or learning a new language and need some basic / most used statements like: "Excuse me, where is the restroom?", "Where is the nearest hotel?"; or just practicing your favorite slangs: "Pura vida!" from your travels, PhraseIt is for you! Rate us on the itunes store so we can continue creating new apps for you. Also, share your thoughts on Faceboook(c)!:


Technical specifications

Version: 3

Size: 12.64 MB


Price: 1,69 €

Developed by Luis Alvarado

Day of release: 2013-03-4

Recommended age: 4+

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