Phraseology is an app for writers. Part text editor, part word processor, Phraseology is a simple environment focused on making it enjoyable and productive ...

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Phraseology is an app for writers. Part text editor, part word processor, Phraseology is a simple environment focused on making it enjoyable and productive to write on the iPad. Phraseology also supports your writing with tools that help to improve word selection and better understand and structure your text. Unique "Arrange" and "Inspect" views provide easy ways to manipulate and improve your writing. ## NOTES - iOS 5 or better required. - Linguistic analysis tools available only for the English language at this time. ## FEATURES - Simple interface gets out of your way. - Unlimited document drafts and archives. - Live character and word counts. - "Arrange" view lets you reorder paragraphs (or NOW SENTENCES!) with a simple drag and drop interface that is easier than cut and paste. - "Inspect" view analyzes the words in your document by parts of speech, counts words by root word (lemma) and lets you easily browse to occurrences of words. - Readability analysis, including Flesh Kincaid Reading Ease, Flesh Kincaid Grade Level, Gunning Fog Score, SMOG index and related statistics such as word, character, sentence counts, average syllables per word and average words per sentence. - Great integration with Terminology, our top ranked dictionary/thesaurus app. If you have Terminology installed, lookup and browse for replacement words without disrupting your workflow. [Learn more about Terminology]( - Customize fonts and font sizes. - Keyboard accessory keys for commonly used functions such as undo/redo, cursor movement, selection manipulation. - Markdown support. - "Focus mode" hides toolbar for distraction free writing. - TextExpander support for expanding commonly used text snippets. - Print to AirPrint devices. - Email support makes Phraseology a great place to draft longer emails. You can even email the rendered Markdown HTML output. - Twitter integration. Draft tweets in Phraseology. - Import/Export from other apps that support plain text files. ## WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING 4/5 Mice. "I feel at home in BBEdit on my Mac, and in Phraseology on my iPad. That Phraseology is the app I turn to when I’m on my iPad and need the words to flow is the highest praise I can offer it." [Macworld]( 9/10, "Phraseology: The Definitive iPad Language Editor."" [AppStorm]( [New Yorker Magazine Digital Pick]( "The iPad is good for a lot of things: picture viewer, portable media play, the future of journalism. But writing? No so much! That was until Phraseology." [The Daily]( "What’s right about Phraseology is that it’s a surprisingly feature-rich text editor that presents a classy and fluid working environment that should suit a variety of needs." []( "Phraseology breaks the mold and does so in a way that will benefit student writers as well as professional writers." [Wandering Academic]( "What you do get is the “words nerd’s editor of choice.” Phraseology is all about tweaking and examining your text." [Wired's "Gadget Lab"]( ## FEEDBACK We are always looking for ways to improve our app, and would love you hear from you. Let us know what you think at: - [Website]( - [Twitter]( - [Facebook](


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