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Phrases Used by Native English-Speakers

*This is an English educational app designed for native Japanese speakers learning English. ■Overview “Phrases Used by Native English-Speakers” ...

Discontinued App


*This is an English educational app designed for native Japanese speakers learning English. ■Overview “Phrases Used by Native English-Speakers” is the second title from the “Learning Practical English Conversation By Real Situation Dialogue” series. It is an English educational software that contains a lexicon of phrases that English native speakers use. Genuine English language communicative aptitude cannot be derived from an isolated emphasis on speaking and listening alone. From this series-wide concept, every phrase is dialogically structured. As appeared in the first title of the series, Karen will be your instructor to practice English conversation. The explicit significance is the phrase selection method using “functional syllabus”. The colloquial expressions are classified into three main categories and 50 subcategories, such as “request” and “suggestion”, in terms of language function. This app is designed to evenly enhance your speech movement skills by featuring various categories. Unlike the legacy method of selecting phrases according to appropriate English grammar or situations, the “functional syllabus” has practicality and high versatility in various conversational scenes. * The functional syllabus design, phrase selection, and supervision are presented by NHK Educational Corporation. ■Content - Functional Syllabus [Category and Expression Example] - Main Category 1 Everyday Expression - Subcategory 1 [Approval / Agreement] A: It's a beautiful day, so let's go on a picnic. B: [Sounds great.] - Subcategory 2 [Encouragement] A: I can't do this anymore. I'm quitting school. B: [Come on!] It's almost graduation! - Main Category 2 Emotional Expression - Subcategory 1 [Irritation] A: Where's my wallet? I lost my wallet again! B: [You're impossible!] It's right there on the table! - Subcategory 2 [Discomfort] A: This morning, I drank a full glass of spoiled milk! B: [Oh, that's gross!] - Main Category 3 Communicative Expression - Subcategory 1 [Conversation Introduction] A: [Guess what.] I quit my job today. B: You know, I quit my job, too. - Subcategory 2 [Correction] A: Wow, interesting. [I mean,] you look great! B: It's okay. I don't like this outfit either. - Learning Options - Speaking A conversation scene contains 2 choices to practice from: Part A and Part B. Speaking to Karen triggers the speech recognition system. According to the results, Karen’s reactions change. - Listening The listening option supports learning in hard-to-articulate circumstances, such as during a train ride. Listen to Part A and choose a correct answer for Part B. - Live 2D Live 2D technology renders more realistic conversation scenes with Karen. Live 2D is a proprietary rendering method that sets 2-dimensional images, such as illustrations, manga, and anime, in motion three-dimensionally while maintaining the distinctive 2-dimensional figure and style. ■Content of Each Package - Main app (free): Contains 50 dialogues covering 50 subcategories. - Basic Package 1 to 3 ($1.99 per Package): Contains 100 equally proportioned dialogues covering 3 main categories and 50 subcategories. ■Devices Supported ○iPhone (3G, 3GS, iPhone4), iPad, iPod touch (4th) △iPod touch (2nd, 3rd) ※ ×iPhone (1st), iPod touch (1st) **To play SUMMER STORY using an iPod touch with no built-in microphone, a separate microphone is required. Operability with Apple-manufactured, mic-enabled headphone has been confirmed; however, using devices marked with the symbol ○ is recommended.


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