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Think of this app like a chat between a physics teacher (me) and a student (you). You tell me what is the topic of your problem (the chapter), and ...

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Think of this app like a chat between a physics teacher (me) and a student (you). You tell me what is the topic of your problem (the chapter), and then I ask you questions that mimic my thought process on how to solve problems based on that chapter. Since this app was prepared by a veteran physics professor specifically for students who study “algebra-trig based physics”, the answers and steps associated with solving the problem will help a student get through physics problems and develop an understanding of the process involved. My questions mimic the thought process of a physicist, with a small difference: The questions do not rely on physical intuition and on mathematical insights. For example, if the problem is about an object that is dropped from a bridge, the app does not assume that the object can move only downwards. When the app solves a set of equations, it does not use shortcuts that an experienced mathematician would use... With this app's help you'll be able understand how to solve Physics 1 Problems. The topics that this app can helpful for the following chapters in a typical Physics 1 textbook: Motion at Constant Velocity in One Dimension 1.1 One Moving Object 1.2 Two Objects Moving at constant velocities on the Same Line Accelerated Motion in One Dimension 2.1 One Object Moving in Constant Acceleration 2.2 Free Fall; One Segment 2.3 Free Fall; Two Segments Accelerated Motion in Two Dimensions 3.1 Projectile Motion Newton’s Laws 4.1 General Forces Act on an Object 4.2 Object on a Plane, Friction Force Momentum 5.1 Conservation of Momentum 5.2 Impulse and Momentum Energy 6.1 Conservation of Energy 6.2 Power Energy and Momentum 7.1 Ballistic Pendulum (generalized) Elasticity and Oscillations 8.1 Elastic Properties of Static and Oscillating Objects The app is useful in the following situations: 1. You solved a problem and you want to check your solution. 2. You know how to solve the problem in principle, but you want someone else to go through the chores (a physics problems calculator). 3. You want to observe how an expert solves physics problems, and learn from these examples. 4. You just want the problem solved. Physics is sophisticated, programming is intricate, and mistakes happen. So, ALWAYS check the solutions provided by this app, before using them. For Help, contact


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