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//----------------------------------------------- // Free until I decide to make it paid again (Likely never). // This app is not as supported as it ...

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//----------------------------------------------- // Free until I decide to make it paid again (Likely never). // This app is not as supported as it has been in the past // which is why I am now giving it away. Please enjoy it //----------------------------------------------- Featured in top Education Apps on the App Store I began writing this app for personal use while taking Physics in college to cut my homework time in half, and I ended up getting an A in the class! Physics 101 Calculator was designed to make homework a breeze. Not only does it provide a single source for all your physics formulas, but it also features a quick calculator to save you from all the tedious algebra. Just find the formula for a problem you wish to solve, enter the known values in the correct fields, and Physics 101 Calculator will do the rest! There are many formulas in Newton Mechanics so making a complete database is an ongoing process. Look for updates and if there are any specific formulas you would like me to add or you notice one of the calculations in incorrect in any way (units or value) PLEASE send me an email so I can take care of it asap. I appreciate and welcome any criticism or praise you may have. And I hope you enjoy Physics 101 Calculator. Physics 101 Calculator Includes: - Database of 30+ Newton Mechanics Formulas - MagicSolver *beta - 2D Motion - Circular Motion - Springs - Universal Gravitation - Units Converter - Formula-Specific Calculators for quick solutions - Trig Calculator - Degree to Radian Converter - SI Units - Variable Descriptions MagicSolver makes physics even easier! Almost too easy, I feel guilty providing you with such a powerful tool. Just enter every value you know and it will find every possible solution to the problem and show you the steps to solve it! Don't show your physics professors this ;) "The best physics App available" - Me, 2010 "Made all my physics homework a breeze!" - Also me, 2010 "You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take." - Wayne Gretzky


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