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NEED HELP STUDYING ELECTRICITY? THIS IS THE APP THAT TEACHES YOU HOW TO SOLVE ELECTRICITY & MAGNETISM PROBLEMS IN PHYSICS The Physics ToolBox-Electricity app is designed to help students study electricity & magnetism in high school or university physics. The app features useful tools including practice questions, all of which have clear explanations of how the questions are solved. Unlike other apps that only give you the answers, this app gives you the solutions and teaches you how to solve it. It’s like having a private tutor in your pocket. The Physics ToolBox was developed by a physics teacher who has taught physics at one of Australia's largest universities for over 10 years. ... TOPICS COVERED ... ● Electric fields and electric flux ● Charge acceleration and force ● Charge densities ● Electric work ● Electric potential and potential difference ● Capacitance and calculations for capacitor combinations ● Energy stored in capacitors ● Resistance and calculations for resistor combination ● Electric power ● Kirchhoff’s Rules ● DC circuits ● AC circuits ● Capacitive and inductive reactance ● Impedance and phases ● Magnetic fields ● Magnetic flux ● Magnetic dipole moments ● Torque ● Faraday's law of induction ● Lenz's law ● Tranformer voltage and current ● Ac generation ● Inductance FEATURES ... 72 Formulas with built-in calculators ... The app features a comprehensive list of formulas for the topics listed above, each with a smart formula calculator that is easy and intuitive to use. The formula calculators are useful for verifying your answers to worked problems and questions. The formula calculator allows you to solve any variable within the formula, making the app flexible and versatile, unlike some other apps which limit what you can solve. Each formula comes with a detailed description of the variables, the units of the variables, a description of its definition and how to use it. ... 140 Practice Questions ... The app comes with practice questions to help you prepare for tests and exams. Each practice question has an explanation of the solution to help you understand key concepts and to teach you how to solve the problem. The practice questions have some of the most commonly asked problems and examples found in most physics curricula. A similar practice books will set you back over $25. Suitable for students from years 11, 12 and 1st year college or university. ... Unit Converter ... ● Simple to use converter for over 60 different units of measurements ● Conversion for physical quantities that include area, energy, length, mass, pressure, speed, temperature, time and volume ... Reference Materials ... The Physics ToolBox features a useful list of reference materials from physical constants to conversion factors, all at your fingertips. No need to turn to the text book or search the web to find that constant that you need for your problem solving. Reference materials include: ● A comprehensive list of Physical and other useful constants ● A comprehensive list of Base units and other useful units ● A list of prefixes so you get the orders of magnitude right ● Greek alphabet showing commonly used symbols in physics Also available is the popular Physics ToolBox-Mechanics app covering motion, forces, energy, power, momentum and much more.


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