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The Best Music Note Trainer on iPhone "There is nothing negative to say about this app." -- AppPicker BEST IN ITS CLASS "As a beginner I tried (and ...

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The Best Music Note Trainer on iPhone "There is nothing negative to say about this app." -- AppPicker BEST IN ITS CLASS "As a beginner I tried (and paid for) a lot of similar apps and this one is by far the best. Thanks!" -- Ruslan Hristov, United States WORTH A LOT MORE. "I have just about all note study apps, and this along with music theory pro are by far the best. To me this app is worth a lot more than 2 bucks. Get it if you are a music student." -- AppReviewer2012, United States BRILLIANT!!! "Now I can read music with confidence. Wonderful app for beginners. Perfect!!" -- Dillasaysgo, United States GREAT STUFF! "I'm learning music notation very fast, and I'm having fun doing it. What else is there to say?" -- bioflow, Canada VERY NICE APP "I like this app very much. It does what it aims to do well. It has a nice interface and a good selection of options." -- Mark02a, Australia ------------------------------ Looking for apps to help you on learning music notes? Piano Notes Fun is definitely what you need. With a wide range of level control, Piano Notes Fun is not only an interesting game for experienced piano players, but is also a great music note tutor for piano students. It certainly can help you learn and practice music notes effectively on your iPhone. ------------------------------ FEATURES: - Full Keyboard Range: Cover all 88 keys of a piano. - Teaching Mode: Tap a key to show its note and pitch name. - Game Mode: Practice your sight-reading skill with games. - Adjustable Range: Your practice can be focused on particular notes by setting note range. - Quiz Types: 3 quiz types including Random, Ascending and Descending let you practice in different ways. - All Key Signatures: 15 key signatures for treble stave and bass stave. - Help Modes: 3 help modes, including a Tutor mode for beginners. - Colored Keys: In game mode, colors can be applied as hints. This is especially helpful for beginners and kids. - Pitch Name Labels: White keys can be marked with their pitch names, 4 naming conventions provided. - Multiple Notes: Unlike other similar apps showing only one note at a time, Piano Notes Fun shows multiple notes simultaneously in game mode. This is very important for improving sight-reading speed. - Game Length Control: Each game quizzes you with up to 10 pages of notes. Both number of notes and number of pages are adjustable. - Hi-Score Records: Every treble and bass scale has its own score. - Gorgeous Sound: High-quality, real and beautiful piano sound. ------------------------------ App preview music by http://instrumentalsfree.com


Technical specifications

Version: 1.4.1

Size: 14.74 MB


Price: 1,86 €

Developed by Patrick Chan

Day of release: 2010-06-19

Recommended age: 4+

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