Play with sounds and explore popular tunes, colors, instruments… and turn your keyboard into a rainbow! ◉◉◉ "PianoBall will turn your iDevice into a ...

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Play with sounds and explore popular tunes, colors, instruments… and turn your keyboard into a rainbow! ◉◉◉ "PianoBall will turn your iDevice into a colorful piano for your little ones." Theiphonemom.com ◉◉◉ ◉◉◉ "If you want your child to eventually learn music and want their first impressions to be fun and whimsical, PianoBall will be a great tool for you. My kids love it, and I venture to say yours will as well." AppAdvice.com ◉◉◉ Play with the rainbow! PianoBall is a fun and easy toy, that encourages children to explore music and colors in a new creative way! Choose from 2 rainbow colored keyboards - for younger and older children. Select your instrument and choose your favorite tune! Magical stars will show you how to play. Just follow them! ...or… select “auto” mode to play music with no mistakes :) Turn… Turn … turn around 4 magic balls and see what happens! Discover the color ball and paint the keyboard in your favorite color! Check the rainbow ball and change the rainbow colors on your keyboard! Shake your screen to see magical shower of stars and learn names of used music instruments. With PianoBall you can play together with your kids and experiment with sounds, melodies and colors in lots of fun ways. Let’s find out what will happen when you turn the ball! FEATURES √ 2 rainbow colored keyboards - for younger and older children √ Instrument ball – Listen to instruments and name them: Xylophone, Piano, Drum Set, Saxophone √ Rainbow ball – Turn your keyboard to a rainbow √ Color ball – Learn to name colors, paint the keyboard your favorite color √ Tune ball – Learn to play 10 popular children songs √ Discover the magic – incredible shower of falling stars that turn to instruments √ Check solfege syllables on your keyboard to learn easier √ Control your child’s education, lock and disable functions invisibly √ Sounds are available in English, Polish, Swedish, German, French, Dutch, Italian √ Stimulate curiosity and creativity through experimentation √ Help Children to Concentrate √ Amazing original graphics √ No unnecessary rules and stress – Play as your kids want! √ Widely used also by autistic children √ Child-friendly interface! √ No third-party advertising! √ No in-app purchases! Melodies: ∳ Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star ∳ London Bridge ∳ Wlazł kotek na płotek (Polish tune) ∳ Mary Had a Little Lamb ∳ Ode to Joy ∳ Row, Row, Row your Boat ∳ Jingle Bells ∳ Alabama ∳ Amazing Grace ∳ For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow PianoBall is not a typical piano game – it’s a toy where you and your kids get to discover music and colors together with no stress. Oh, and don’t forget to let your kids make some noise of their own too! With 4baam apps, there are no high scores, time limits or stress. Your kids can play with it however they want! PianoBall is suitable for kids between 1-5 years old. Babies •Shake your device and see the amazing shower of stars; learn the instruments names •Try out the baby keyboard - exploration is made easy by big buttons •Develop motor skills and stimulate curiosity by turning on the drums Toddlers •Enable and disable the toddler mode on the Melody Ball; play the tunes with the magical stars •Test the Rainbow Ball and see how colorful your keyboard can be (the effect can be frozen) •Experiment with various instruments sounds, learn to identify them through the use of the Instrument Ball Preschool children •Play the tunes, by following the magical stars •Explore the color call and paint the keyboard with your favorite color; learn the color names •Try playing your own tunes ABOUT 5baam In 5baam we are focusing on creation of non-conventional digital toys which helps children to understand world through play combined with experiments. Difficult becomes easy then.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.9

Size: 20.45 MB


Price: 0,91 €

Developed by 4baam

Day of release: 2011-05-16

Recommended age: 4+

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