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PicTalk Toddler

............... “Awesome Application with so many features and it`s perfect for children with special needs. The icons are easy to use and they ...

Discontinued App


............... “Awesome Application with so many features and it’s perfect for children with special needs. The icons are easy to use and they are larger icons so that even children with fine motor delays can easily find and press the icons. My two year old was able to learn how to use this app within minutes!” - Sara W. LBC Pre-School ............... “Great APP! PicTalk is a very approachable application for toddlers. It’s easy for parents and children to use while still possessing many useful tools for therapists. ” - James H. Little Bitty City Therapeutic Services ............... “Wonderful expressive language app! My box makes a unique and personalized addition for therapy professionals or parents that actively engage in teaching toddlers with ASD or speech/language delays" - Ashlee T. Little Bitty City Therapeutic Services PicTalk™ Toddler is an affordable, easy to use, alternative communication application specifically designed for the iPAD. This application was designed by New Line Technology Group in efforts to assist therapists, parents, and caregivers find an effective way for toddlers and children with speech delays or severe speech disorders a way to communicate effectively. PicTalk™ Toddler helps young children communicate with their family, caregivers, teachers, friends, and others that they meet in everyday life. Developed in collaboration with therapists and teachers who work with toddlers and children that have speech delays, PicTalk™ Toddler offers picture icons that are organized by categories that reflect natural speech development. With PicTalk’s integrated text to speech application, it opens additional doors to enhance your child’s learning and educational path. The large icons make interaction with PicTalk™ Toddler much easier for children with motor skill delay’s or deficiencies. The free version is fully functional (yet still limited) to allow you to see how the app works and to hear the clarity of the voices. Only a handful of items are unlocked for you to test out. To unlock the app, you must purchase the upgrade via In-App purchases. Current In-App Purchases: - App Upgrade ***NEW LOW PRICE*** - $19.99 USD - Unlocks all items in the Eat, Drink, Feel, I Want To Go, I Want To, Questions, and Favorites categories. It also allows you to add up to 16 custom items to My Box. That is over 100 items. - Sports Pack - $2.99 USD - Unlocks all items in the sports pack - Weather Pack - $2.99 USD - Unlocks all items in the weather pack UPDATED NEW LOW PRICE!!!! ONLY $19.99 (was $49.99) Highlights: - Intuitive design (Child Friendly) and Very Easy to Use - Name Tag - so that even if your child cannot speak his/her name other people will know it - Over 150+ words and phrases with Commonly Used Tool Bar located at the bottom for easy access - Managed Categories for easy to find and use picture talk icons - Choice of Male or Female Voices - Customize “MY BOX” - Build your own sentences, phrases, or questions by using your own pictures! - Easily create profiles for each child enabling you to create specific “My Box” icons for that child! - Designed for iPad New Features Coming Soon in 2012-2013! - More icons for each category - Ability to place “My Box” items in categories - Short Talk - Allowing you to turn on “Short Talk” which will only say “WANT EAT” instead of “I Want to eat” - Additional Categories - Numbers - Shapes - Colors - Alphabet - Additional Languages Soon! - Custom “MY CHOICES” Category! - Much More!


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Version: 1.0

Size: 10.44 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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