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Picture AAC app helps individuals with speech impairment/delay to communicate effectively. Picture AAC is now used by teachers, speech language pathologists ...

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Picture AAC app helps individuals with speech impairment/delay to communicate effectively. Picture AAC is now used by teachers, speech language pathologists in schools, therapy centers and parents/carers with users (with autism,apraxia..) in 30+ countries worldwide, and was featured on CNN. “Effective AAC app, a worthy investment!” - Autism Plugged In review “............... I found this app easy for my child to use and the price is reasonable” - a parent review in App Store "Definitely recommend to anyone looking for simple,easy to use,and highly functional AAC!" - a Speech Language Pathologist review in Tech in Ed Picture AAC is an augmentative alternative communication app designed to enable preverbal/nonverbal individuals with little/no functional speech to communicate their needs, feelings, and thoughts, and develop language. Supports individuals with autism, aphasia, apraxia, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, down syndrome, intellectual disability, stroke or other speech and language impairment/delay to communicate. Inability to communicate effectively is frustrating for nonverbal individuals as their needs are not being understood. For children, lack of effective communication impact progress in learning other skills. The app is based on picture communication which have over the years helped many autistic individuals developed effective communication skills. Now, there is no need to spend time-consuming efforts to make and maintain the physical cards used in traditional velcro-picture- communication book anymore. Developed by Hearty SPIN - Solutions for People In Need, a social enterprise with a team that combined years of professional expertise in technology with expertise from special needs professionals, to produce high quality, tested, functional apps based on in-depth understanding of individuals with special needs. Besides researching on visual support, assistive technology, and augmentative communication, Hearty SPIN collaborated with several special education teachers, speech language therapists in the design, trial and development of Picture AAC. In a school's pilot program, it was used with children with autism, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability and speech impairments with very encouraging results. One key differentiation of Picture AAC from other AAC apps is its interface design: made so simple that even users with challenging learning difficulties or low functioning special needs are able to master it. No complicated settings/functions that might confuse the user. Key features: - With easy 1-2 taps, user 'attach' pictures to the sentence strip to request for items, express his needs and feelings, thoughts, give responses, ask simple questions, and construct sentences - Preloaded 200+ voice clips and pictures of commonly used words. Each picture is designed to provide a clear representation - Customization options to add/delete/edit pictures,groups,voice audio,word label; sort position of picture/group and move pictures between groups - Add pictures using iPad/iPhone camera or import pictures from Internet - Audio function reads out the words represented by selected pictures. Help user mimic words pronunciation and support speech and language development - Teachers, parents, therapists are able to communicate instructions via pictures, which is more effective for visual learners with autism - 2 training levels designed to phase in use of the app for children with challenging learning disabilities - iOS universal app, you only need to purchase once and you can use on both your iPad,iPhone, and iPod touch devices - Discount for Educational Institutions under Apple Volume Purchase program For more reviews, testimonials, video and details visit: http://heartyspin.com/autism-apps/ Simple, intuitive, yet highly functional and effective is the core of Picture AAC app's design. Friend us on www.facebook.com/heartyspin and Twitter @apps_autism.


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Version: 1.2

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