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Now you can learn Pilates from the comfort of your own home in your own bed with five high definition workout videos! Why Pilates? Do you ever find ...

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Now you can learn Pilates from the comfort of your own home in your own bed with five high definition workout videos! Why Pilates? Do you ever find yourself bored at the gym? Pilates is different from this mundane task because it seeks to promote a connection between mind and body. Promoting exercises that require both thought and movement working in synchronization, Pilates engages the mind with the body creating a true full body workout. Every exercise performed requires attention to breath, good form and graceful movement patterns. It is low impact and therefore good for all ages and activity levels. Pilates strengthens the core, improves coordination, detoxifies the body and creates awareness of ones’ alignment. Why in Bed? Have you ever found yourself lying in bed reading or watching TV and felt a bit sluggish? Do you want to wake up feeling energized and ready to take on the day? If you ever found yourself fidgeting in bed, are new to physical fitness or just need to start your day with energy, then Pilates in bed is right for you. In those Winter days when you’re feeling cold and unable to get out of bed, why not warm you body up in bed by performing a few simple but essential Pilates exercises that over time, increases the awareness between mind and body and strengthens the core to promote overall good alignment and health. Joseph H. Pilates, the creator of Pilates actually originated the exercises utilizing the bed as a fitness tool. Joseph Pilates rehabilitated people who were suffering from diseases and injuries and it was out of this necessity to rehabilitate individuals that an invention was born out using household items such as bed springs and beer keg rings, to create resistance exercises equipment for his patients. These were the unlikely beginnings of the equipment we use today known as Reformers. So, why not bring the Pilates method back to its’ original starting point? Within the ease and comfort of your own bed, we can re-create the method that Joseph Pilates first used in developing his exercise formats, working to strengthen core muscles, lengthening the body, promoting good form and connecting the body and mind while in bed. Testimonials “As a soccer coach and a former athlete, pilates was the last thing I expected to be doing. ‘It's a chick thing.’ Wow, was I wrong! Then I hurt my lower back and after months of intense and sharp pain, physical therapy, and chiropractic work my chiropractor suggested pilates. Hesitantly, I started going. On my second class, I met Stephanie. Stephanie was the instructor and immediately asked the class about injuries. I told her my story and off we went. Throughout the entire workout Stephanie kicked our butts. Any time there was a movement or exercise that had the possibility of hurting/straining me, she was on it. She easily and discretely told me how to modify it. (The discretely was really appreciated being the only male in the class.) “Since that time, I have been back three times a week. Stephanie is amazing every time and has really helped me with my recovery. For the first time in 6 months I am able to run again. I really think she should go into physical therapy. She is sharp, educated, and an excellent instructor.” - Jordan G “I am a very satisfied client of Stephanie’s Pilate teaching. Stephanie teaches her classes with true passion, she is in tune with her client’s needs. I find her methods extremely effective, as she is very clear with her instructions and walks around throughout the hour to observe one’s forms. I’ve been taken Stephanie’s classes for over five months now, I definitely see results from the workout. Because of her commitment to excellence, she doesn’t stop at any stage; she continues to push you and help take you to the next level. Stephanie is very personal, friendly, and most importantly, she has a natural talent in working with people. Do not let her easy going personality fool you, she puts you to work.” - Alice L


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Developed by Kendall Chuang

Day of release: 2013-02-14

Recommended age: 4+

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