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Pilates for Pregnancy

Pilates for Pregnancy-2nd Trimester is an exercise app and complete pregnancy planner, including a photo album! From the creators of the award-winning ...

Discontinued App


Pilates for Pregnancy-2nd Trimester is an exercise app and complete pregnancy planner, including a photo album! From the creators of the award-winning Prenatal Pilates DVD and from the author of the “Pilates and Pregnancy Workbook” comes this interactive exercise and pregnancy organizer application. Certified Pilates instructor and former professional dancer, Sarah Picot brings her award-winning pregnancy workouts to the palm of your hand so you can always have it with you. This app is all you need for a healthy pregnancy and will keep track of your notes, to do lists and pregnancy photos. Real Simple Magazine called Prenatal Pilates the “#1 pregnancy exercise video”. “ …A godsend…” - Drs. Powers and Bergin OB/GYNs Find out why the Washington Post calls Sarah Picot a “Pilates guru”. The Pilates for Pregnancy application is broken into 3 different workouts that have been modified to meet the needs and limitations of each trimester. You can buy each trimester workout separately or buy all three at once and save. This 2nd trimester workout takes exercises that are beneficial and safe for a woman in her 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Many of the exercises incorporate an easy to build incline which takes some of the pressure off the vena cava (a major artery that supplies blood to both you and baby). This 2nd trimester workout also modifies the exercises to focus less on the top most abdominal muscles and more on the pelvic floor. Pilates for Pregnancy is more than an exercise application. It is also a complete pregnancy planner, photo album and journal with navigation buttons for pictures, to do lists and notes. When you tap the Photo button and you can store scanned sonogram photos and pregnancy pictures. There are even some ideas of photos you may wish to take to create a pregnancy photo memory book. Tap the To Do button and see a list of tasks to take care of during your 2nd trimester. They are broken into daily and long-term goals. As you accomplish something on the list, tap on it and the item will get a check mark next to it. On daily goals the check mark will disappear the next day, otherwise it will remain checked off. You can even add you own items to this list. Tap on the Notes button and a page will open up for you to take notes during a doctor’s appointment. Remember a question you want to ask or store test results. Some questions are already on the notes page to help guide you but you can easily add your own journal entries. Keep track of nursery ideas or baby names, for example. Or use it for whatever you like! This Pilates and Pregnancy Application will be the only pregnancy application you will need! This 2nd trimester application is not intended for use during 3rd trimester due to changes in your pregnant body after week 28 that will require even more specific modifications to the exercises. Please use the 3rd trimester application when the time comes. If you purchase the Pilates for Pregnancy Complete application that includes all three trimesters you will be directed to the appropriate exercises based on the due date you provided at the beginning of the app. *Please check with a doctor before starting this or any other exercise program. Features: · Clear photographs · Detailed explanations of each exercise · A “Benefits” page for each exercise · Details on how to build an incline · Due date calculator directs you to the appropriate trimester workout · Personalize your workouts · Choose timed overall exercises or workouts for specific muscle groups · “To do” lists that correspond to the trimester you are in. · A “Notes” page that guides you with questions of things to ask your doctor and a place to keep track of test results · A place to store sonogram and pregnancy photos · A place for your own journal entries


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