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Planet Earth 3D

Most of us know about the Moon and Mars more than we know about Earth, our home planet. Well, that`s not the case anymore. Planet Earth 3D is ...

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Most of us know about the Moon and Mars more than we know about Earth, our home planet. Well, that’s not the case anymore. Planet Earth 3D is a great iPad app that can help you learn about our home more than ever before and easier than ever before. Everything is presented in an easy to read format. So easy that anyone can read and understand. It is an excellent learning tool. It’s also an excellent teaching tool if you want to share the knowledge with your family and friends. With a touch of you finger(s) you can rotate all the 3D models for better perspectives and easier to understand the concepts being explained. Note: You don't need a 3-D glass to enjoy the 3D experience with this app. The moon, earth, and the sun are all 3D, which you can touch, zoom, and interact with. After using this app, you will have a great understanding about our home planet. Plus, no Internet connection is required. So once downloaded, you can take it anywhere with you. *** STRUCTURE: Essential information about what the Earth is really made up. *** ROTATION: Help you understand some key information about the Earth’s orbit around the Sun and season changes. *** MOON: It’s not just the brightest object in the night sky seen from Earth, but it has important impacts to us as well. *** HABITAT: You cannot miss this. It is essential knowledge regarding where, what, and how life changes on Earth. *** More essential knowledge to be discovered in the app. Not only you’ll gain great knowledge from this app, but you’ll also enjoy learning them in 3D views and great HD illustrations. This is the app that every iPad owner should own.


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