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Planets Puzzle by Popar

Popar® Planets Puzzle is an Augmented Reality game and tour of the cosmos! What are Popar® Toys? Popar® Toys uses Augmented Reality (AR) to create ...

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Popar® Planets Puzzle is an Augmented Reality game and tour of the cosmos! What are Popar® Toys? Popar® Toys uses Augmented Reality (AR) to create an immersive 3D playing experience that will allow the user to see their toys come alive with incredible virtually “real” 3D objects, animations, and interactions. Popar® Toys are designed to change the way we interact and experience stories, adventures, and learning. What is Augmented Reality? Popar® Toys Augmented Reality (AR) is a ground breaking concept that uses a mobile/smart device and special Popar® products to make amazing 3D objects and animations appear in the real world that provide a high degree of engaging educational fun that maintain interests in all the Popar® Toys series. This is an Augmented Reality application. Just print out one of these images to play: https://popartoys.com/Downloads/PlanetsPuzzle.jpg https://popartoys.com/Downloads/PlanetsPuzzle2.jpg Puzzles have never been as exciting as they will be with Popar's Planets Puzzle Game! Put together your solar system puzzle and then watch it come to life! Get ready to assault enemy bases on Mars and Neptune by disabling their radars, destroying their defenses, and blowing up their bases! Once you're done playing it's time to take a tour of the cosmos! Explore your puzzle and discover fun facts and secrets about the Sun, the Earth, and all the other planets in our galaxy! Don't have a Popar® Planets Puzzle? Try the app out for FREE by printing out a demo sheet! Features: - Have fun building a puzzle, then use the puzzle as the playing field for this game! - Simple, easy to play one-touch controls - Explore Mode teaches you about the galaxy with in depth facts, voiced explanations, and 3D models! - Ages 5+ to 99 - Challenge yourself with difficulty modes that make the game harder but reward you with more points! - Game is played in Augmented Reality using the Popar Planets Puzzle or Planets Demo Sheet. - The longer you play the bigger the challenge! - 18 levels will keep you entertained for hours! - Get up and move around your puzzle for a better view of the game! - Choose a strategic plan on how you will assault the enemy bases! Will you try to sabotage their turrets while dodging missiles or just go for an all-out assault? You decide! - Dynamic 3D sound so you can hear the world around you. - Fun, yet challenging game play. Play for 30 seconds or 30 minutes improving your skills and finding NEW ways to play.


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Version: 1.2

Size: 118.69 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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