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Discover nature’s medicine cabinet!? Our ancestors described the multiple effects of medicinal plants, and many of their findings were confirmed by modern ...

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Discover nature’s medicine cabinet!? Our ancestors described the multiple effects of medicinal plants, and many of their findings were confirmed by modern science. NATURE MOBILE introduces - Medicinal Plants PRO - an ideal guide to 150 common species of medicinal plants on your smartphone and tablet. With the built-in quiz you also quickly learn to distinguish different species from each other. Finally you have the direct option to identify different species without a book. You get a comprehensive library full of facts, figures, and images. Find out about the healing power of different species and their application area. Be inspired and experience nature in a whole new way. It's that easy: Enter the features of the desired species, and you will get different proposals. SEARCH AND IDENTIFY SPECIES BY * APPLICATION AREA - airway, skin, mouth and pharynx, nervous system, metabolism, digestion, etc. * EFFECT - blood cleansing, reducing fever, antipyretic, wound-healing, etc. * SYMPTOMS / ILLNESS - high blood pressure, limb pain, harvesting, headache, cancer, etc. * CULTIVATION / DISTRIBUTION - blossoming period, location, cultivation, life expectancy * APPEARANCE / AROMA - flower, leaf, growth, trunk type, etc. TRAIN YOUR KNOWLEDGE - QUIZ GAME * Guess species from pictures * Learn to distinguish the different species * Submit scores to Facebook * Submit scores to OpenFeint MORE FEATURES * PhotoShare - this new feature connects plant enthusiastic all over the world into one seamless stream of plants photography. * Native Multi Touch Support * Slideshow with TV OUT function Follow NATURE MOBILE on Twitter, look for us on Facebook or visit our website USER HINTS * Turn for landscape view * Add notes to each species * Upload your own pictures * Change language in settings * Select favorite species * No Internet access required SUBMIT YOUR PICTURES AND STORY Do you want your pictures to be a in the app? Please visit website to submit pictures. High-quality pictures may be considered for future updates. ABOUT NATURE MOBILE The mission of NATURE MOBILE is to present exciting topics from nature and other areas to a wide audience of interested people, enthusiasts and experts in a clear and attractive way. If you are an author or photographer, if you have fascinating ideas or content, please contact us at We will work together to find a win-win solution. NATURE MOBILE is a community of enthusiasts and experts in the natural sciences and engineering that is organized by Dr. Daniel ODRY. CHECK OUT MORE APPS BY NATURE MOBILE AND ALPHABLIND


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 307.68 MB


Price: 4,71 €

Developed by NATURE MOBILE G.m.b.H.

Day of release: 2012-03-6

Recommended age: 4+

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