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"The game of philosophy [...] philosophical concepts expressed using videogames." -- Corriere della sera, Lombardia "By playing many various, simple ...

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"The game of philosophy [...] philosophical concepts expressed using videogames." -- Corriere della sera, Lombardia "By playing many various, simple and engaging mini-games, we could understand some of the most famous and original philosophical ideas." -- iSpazio "Play Panta Rei is a very interesting app." -- Macity. "Play Panta Rei is a collection of philosophical ideas with playable examples." -- Melamorsicata.it UPDATE NOVEMBRE 2016 Play Panta Rei full version is now free. UPDATE MARCH 2012 Come and meet us at “Play, the games festival” – March 24-25, 2012 Modena, Italy UPDATE FEBRUARY 2012 New free update with 4 new levels! . Isaac Asimov, “The three laws of robotics.” Science fiction enters Play Panta Rei. Play with a robot programmed using the three laws of robotics. A dive into the future, thanks to an idea thought more than 70 years ago. . McLuhan “The medium is the message.” The philosopher invites you to focus not on the messages but rather on the medium that transports the messages. In the sociological videogame, you will try this complex challenge. You could win a great prize: a new way to understand and think about media. . Bentham, “Panopticon” part II A new colorful and unexpected Panopticon game; will you use your alarm button or not? . Heisenberg, “Uncertainty principle”. Play in the subatomic world, where certainty doesn’t exist! A LOT OF PLAYABLE PHILOSOPHY! The war against philosophy needs you! Play Panta Rei is the first philosophical videogame with 23 philosophical ideas, to play with. Beat Heraclitus, Plato, beat surrealism, Socrates, Popper, McLuham, and many other philosophers. GAMEPLAY In Play Panta Rei, every philosophical idea is divided into three parts: . Concept: the philosophical idea is summed up in a simple, short, clear, and straightforward way. You do not need to know anything about philosophy to play. . Game: the videogame where you can play with the idea. . Debriefing: after the game, there is a section where you can read some considerations in order to get the best out of the game experience. You can play with some modified versions of PONG (Pong is a videogame where you move a paddle and where you always have to hit a bouncing ball without missing in order to win against the computer). You can immediately realize the difference with the original Pong and in that you, thereby, see the philosophical idea. The experience is spontaneous and intuitive. USE PHILOSOPHY LIKE YOU USE THE “SUM” Humans, in order to “get” a concept, need abstract theory plus one practical example. In order to “get” the mathematical sum, they read the theory and carry out practical examples. 1 orange + 6 oranges = 7 oranges. The videogame is a practical example of the philosophical idea that enables you – for the first time – to not only understand it but also to use it in real life – just as you did with the mathematical sum. PHILOSOPHY If you are already versed in philosophy, you will be astonished in realizing just how important a real example is in order to “get” the philosophical idea. If you have never read anything related to philosophy yet, it’s completely ok! Play Panta Rei uses a system (concept, videogame, and debriefing) to immediately give you everything that you need to not only understand the ideas but also to potentially be able to “use” them in real life. 23 PHILOSOPHICAL VIDEO GAMES In Play Panta Rei, you have 23 different games: you can play with the first Greek philosophical ideas, with contemporary ideas, as well as with ideas that are at the border between philosophy, art, science fiction, sociology, and math. Try a unique philosophical adventure where you play with the best of the abstract thoughts ever conceived by human beings.


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Version: 1.0.3

Size: 2.48 MB


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Developed by Karmapax

Day of release: 2011-05-7

Recommended age: 4+

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