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Explore YouTube content with a safe search process and a kid-friendly interface designed for kids under 5. Choose from videos about animals, different ...

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Explore YouTube content with a safe search process and a kid-friendly interface designed for kids under 5. Choose from videos about animals, different childhood learning concepts such as ABC’s and safety, and favorite cartoons, including FROZEN! No more inappropriate content or voiceovers! If your toddler or preschooler likes to watch YouTube, you never know what vulgar or inappropriate content your child might stumble upon. It is also difficult to know what videos are most educational without watching them all yourself first, and who has time for that as a busy parent? PlayCorner TV solves this problem by providing a guided tour of YouTube that kids can use on their own. ***SAFE*** All video search results are filtered to return only safe content to your child. No more stumbling upon inappropriate or explicit content. ***EDUCATIONAL*** Videos are carefully chosen by early childhood education experts to optimize educational content. Kids can choose from options such as different types of animals, favorite cartoon characters, and learning concepts such as the alphabet, types of transportation, or math. ***FUN*** Featured category showcases seasonal and holiday videos or other fun topics. ***KID-FRIENDLY DESIGN***: Simple menu and image-based navigation, specifically designed for kids that don’t yet read or type. ***QUICK ACCESS TO FAVORITES*** App adjusts the order of the viewing categories based on child’s interest level. For example, the animal that your child has watched the most will appear first on the list in the Choose tab. Child can also select videos they have already watched from the History tab. ***PARENTAL CONTROLS*** In the protected Parents tab that is not accessible to children, parents can block a video from their device if it suits them, unblock the video to put it back, review any blocked videos, and report a video to PlayCorner. Parents can also share the app with their friends! *PlayCorner TV is COPPA compliant: we don’t take personal information from children or share any information about our young users with outside parties. We do track certain non-personal information to help us make the product better; for more information about this please see our privacy policy, available on our website and from the Parents tab in the app. ** All content comes from YouTube and is subject to the copyright rules included in the YouTube terms of service. We are not responsible for any violations of copyright law incurred by YouTube users. *** A stable internet connection is required to use this app (Wi-Fi or 4G recommended). If you do not have a good connection, images may not appear and videos may not play. TALK TO US! We’re working really hard to make your child’s mobile video-watching experience as safe and educational as possible. With our combination of automatic filtering and parents’ quality control review, we are confident that your child will only see safe videos. However, as content and parents' viewpoints can be subjective, videos may be included that do not fit with your family’s preferences. If you find a problem, please don't leave us a bad review. You can block a video from your device if you prefer not to watch it, and report any video you are concerned about from the Parents tab. You can also contact us at or send us an email directly from the app in the Parents tab, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.5

Size: 26.59 MB


Price: 0,91 €

Developed by Abeso, Inc.

Day of release: 2013-06-2

Recommended age: 4+

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