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PlayMana is known as the only “iOS multi-media system for e-book instant publishing” around the globe, which is developed by Company in Taiwan. ...

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PlayMana is known as the only “iOS multi-media system for e-book instant publishing” around the globe, which is developed by Company in Taiwan. This system offers the opportunity of instant-publishing for the publishers, authors and writers from all over the world, making it easier to earn the writing fees from it. One of the main purposes of building this free-download system for the readers is to try to save the world and to be environment-friendly. To the readers: It’s free to download and read the e-books without a registered account in PlayMana, though having one would help you to keep the records of the books what you downloaded. PalyMana is free but there will be ads in this App. If you like PlayMana, you can click here to donate us and our writers, for that, the ads will be removed from your App to show our gratitude. To prevent from gaining the writing fee by downloading the files purposely, the accessing accounts for each iPhone/iPad/iPod devices has a limitation up to only three PlayMana accounts. To the publishers / authors / writers It’s free to publish your e-books through PlayMana. You keep the copy rights to yourself and you can remove your publications from the APP any time. Please to note that: You own the copy rights of your e-books. The publications should not include the improper content. If the e-books uploaded is illegal (ex: copyrights,) the full responsibility should be taken by the uploader. The rights of removing the illegal or controversial materials are reserved by PlayMana. Also, we keep the rights of removing the user accounts when it is needed. Why PlayMana is your best choice? Highly secured with three 128-bits encryption, making sure that even the original PDF file is fetched, the content remain encrypted and unable to be read. Multi-media: Web, Youtube and HTML5 games can all be embedded. Instant reports and statements. So far, the fee for your e-books is USD 0.8 per every download, and the fee will be transferred to your Paypal account every month. The fees can be varied from time to time according to our operating condition. Please keep yourself updated, all the information will be found on the official website. PlayMana為目前全球唯一一套「iOS多媒體電子書即時出版系統」, 是由臺灣日上創意科技有限公司Sayhong.net獨立開發, 是一套能提供全球出版者即時出版、賺取稿費, 讓讀者免費下載閱讀的平臺, 主要目的在拯救我們所居住且破壞殆盡的地球。, 給讀者: 使用PlayMana下載書籍及閱讀是完全免費的, 且不必註冊帳號, 不過註冊帳號能紀錄您所購買過的書籍。為了維持系統運作所需經費, 會在App中出現廣告, 您可點此付費贊助本軟體發展商及廣大的作家們, 為了致上由衷的感謝, 我們將會移除您App中的廣告。, 為防止沖下載量,同一台iPhone/iPad只能允許三組讀者帳號登入。 給出版者: 使用PlayMana出版PDF書籍是完全免費的,我們不持有您的著作版權,您可隨時終止販賣並下架。使用本系統必須確認以下各點: 1、您為出版品的著作權的持有人。 2、不違反善良風俗。 3、所有違反法律規定的責任皆由出版者負責,PlayMana不承擔所有責任。 4、PlayMana有權下架具爭議、破壞系統正常運作的出版品,情況嚴重時有權關閉您的帳號。 本系統優點如下: 1、高安全性: 三道128位加解密,確保您的PDF在被破解取得後仍然無法閱讀。 2、多媒體:可內嵌網頁、Youtube、影片、HTML5遊戲。 3、即時報表, 每月固定時間匯款至您的Paypal帳戶, 目前您的書籍每被下載一次可獲得0.8美金, 每個月份下載獎利會因營運情況有所波動, 請隨時注意官方網站。,


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Day of release: 2012-02-28

Recommended age: 17+

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