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"PlayScience II is an interesting iPad app that covers all essential topics in Grade 2 Science, such as Plants, Animals, Earth, Weather & Sky, Matter ...

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"PlayScience II is an interesting iPad app that covers all essential topics in Grade 2 Science, such as Plants, Animals, Earth, Weather & Sky, Matter and Motion & Energy." - The 21st Century Principal "I was impressed with the amount of educational content in the PlaySciene II app. I thought that children could definitely prepare for 2nd grade science through using this app. I would definitely recommend this app to parents who have children who are in or approaching the 2nd grade in school!" - the iPhone Mom "PlayScience has been named among the best in family-friendly media by the Mom’s Choice Awards®" PlayScience II will take you on a journey of educational fun like never before! For children studying in Grade 2 – PlayScience II is the perfect way to build up their science skills. Your child will be able to enjoy a constructive, supportive, interactive fun filled environment while mastering different science concepts. Rather than downloading several disparate apps focusing on different concepts, PlayScience II is your one stop app to help your child learn all science concepts needed for Grade 2. It covers all the learning topics part of Grade 2 curriculum and has been designed with educational and child development experts. What’s inside: + Explanation of different concepts in Grade 2 Science + Several exercises and activities to make learning fun for children - Different types of questions and answers - Crosswords - Memory Game - Jigsaw Puzzle + Topics Covered - Plants - Animals - Our Earth - Weather and Sky - Matter - Energy and Motion + An aquarium simulation game that motivates children to study + As children progress through activities, they are able to read the concept associated with each such activity. + Keep track of the child’s progress. How does this app work? Play section: This section is divided into six units as per Grade 2 curriculum. Each unit consists of explanation of the concept followed by several exercises and activities for children to understand the concept well. Students have the option to skip the concepts and go directly to activities. The activities and exercises include multiple choice questions, true/false statement, memory games etc. As children progress through these activities, they collect coins, which they can use to build an aquarium. Aquarium section: Children can use coins, earned from the Play section, to build an aquarium. They can buy different types of fishes, toys and plants for the aquarium. What will I learn? The complete science content for Grade 2 curriculum Sound doesn't work? Try Increasing the volume and check that your device is not set to “Mute”. The Mute button is located next to the volume buttons on the side of the device. Recommended Ages: 7-8 Categories: Games, Science, Early Learning, Grade 2, Elementary School Eligible for the Apple Volume Purchase Program PlayScience II is eligible for the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for Educational Institutions. We will offer you special pricing for bulk purchase of apps. For more information about the Volume Purchase Program, you can consult Apple’s website. Have questions in mind? Feel free to contact us. PRIVACY DISCLOSURE: PlayScience II Lite: - Contains in-app purchases. - Does not contain integration with social networks. - Does not use analytics / data collection tools. - Does not send out or share any information about you or your children PlayApps Inc is a member of Mom With Apps and kidSAFE seal, highlighting our commitment to your privacy and maintaining complete transparency about how our apps work.


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Version: 1.0.3

Size: 119.55 MB


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Developed by PlayAppsInc

Day of release: 2013-08-21

Recommended age: 4+

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